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Cantaloupe Martini

Cantaloupe martini is a sweet tasting refreshing cocktail prepared by using cantaloupe as one of its main ingredients. Cantaloupe is a fruit that is said to have originated in Italy. It is a melon with hard shell and is usually found in Mediterranean countries. Cantaloupes are also known as muskmelon or rock melon and are often referred to as netted melon. The fruit is used in pureed form or as a cantaloupe infused liqueur for making the martini.

Cantaloupe martinis are light-colored drinks with sweet tasting mild flavor. The drink is usually served on the rocks or as a dessert with ice creams.

Preparation Overview of Cantaloupe Martini

Ingredients- The ingredients which are used for making Cantaloupe martini include vodka, mixed fruit juice, cantaloupe juice and lemon juice. Orange juice and pineapple juice are some of the fruit juices that blend well with the taste of cantaloupe.

Method of Preparation – Like other fruit flavored martinis, cantaloupe martini recipe is easy to follow and does not take more than 10 minutes for its preparation. Vodka, fruit juices and cantaloupe liqueur are mixed well in a martini shaker along with ice and poured in martini glasses after straining. A tinge of lemon juice added before serving enhances the taste of the drink.

Serving Cantaloupe Martini

Cantaloupe martinis are usually served with a garnishing of frozen cantaloupe ball. A slice of lemon or drink umbrellas are also used at times to make the drink more appealing.

Food Pairing With Cantaloupe Martini

The taste of cantaloupe martini is sweet and mild, and spicy and cheesy snacks pair well with the cocktail. Cheese crackers, nachos, and snacks with spicy dips pair well with the drink. Barbecued foods are also served at times with the drink. Besides, a fruit platter is commonly served with cantaloupe martini during summer parties.

Popular Cantaloupe Martini Recipe Variations

  • Cucumber Cantaloupe martini – It is a flavorful and refreshing summer drink prepared by making use of fresh cubed cantaloupes, cucumber infused gin, lime juice and simple syrup. The fruit is muddled and mixed with other ingredients and ice in a shaker. The drink is served after straining in martini glasses garnished with cucumber slice.

  • Melon cocktail- It is a delightful summer drink which is prepared by combining lime juice, honey, mint juice, cantaloupe with vodka and dry vermouth.