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Blackberry Martini

Blackberry martini is a cocktail which includes blackberry as one of its main ingredients. The blackberries used for making the drink can be either in fresh or frozen form. Blackberry infused vodka is commonly used for making the beverage.

The taste of blackberry martini is semi sweet yet refreshing and often the preparation is done in combination with pineapple, raspberry or other fruit juice.

Preparation Overview of Blackberry Martini

Ingredients- The ingredients required for blackberry martini include vodka, Triple Sec, Midori, fruit juice, fresh or frozen blackberries. The choice of alcohol and fruit juice used in the drink can vary.

Method of Preparation –Blackberry martini, like other martinis, is easy to prepare and does not take much time for its preparation. Vodka, Triple Sec, Midori, cranberry juice and ice are mixed vigorously in a martini shaker. The blackberries are muddled and added to the mixture. Once shaken well again, the mixture is strained and poured into chilled martini glasses.

Serving Blackberry Martini

Blackberry martini is mostly served as a summer drink during beach parties. The drink is served on the rocks and is commonly garnished with fruit slices or drink umbrellas.

Food Pairing with Blackberry Martini

Holiday foods and desserts pair well with blackberry martinis. Cheese cakes, creamy puddings, or fruity desserts are often served with blackberry martini.

Nutritional Value of Blackberry Martini

In a 2oz serving (one cocktail glass) of blackberry martini, there are approximately 141 calories and 8.1 grams carbohydrates.

Popular Blackberry Martini Recipe Variations

Razzed blackberry martini - This cocktail is a tasteful combination of raspberry flavor and blackberry liqueur. Agave nectar, lime juice and pink sugar are the other ingredients used for making this martini.

Blackberry bramble Martini – Blackberry Bramble is a popular blackberry cocktail which makes use of club soda, strawberry juice, lemon juice and blackberry infused vodka. The drink is cool and refreshing and is served with a garnishing of strawberries.

Blackberry lemon drop martini – it is a tangy yet strong flavored cocktail which is prepared using lemon juice, Triple Sec, sugar and sweet sour mix. The drink is served on the rocks in chilled martini glasses.

Rosemary and blackberry martini - It is a delicious fruity cocktail which has a rich purple color. Crème de Cassis, along with fresh rosemary and muddled blackberries enhance the taste and look of the drink. Prepared either by mixing with gin or vodka, the martini is served during summer parties.