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Appletini is a popular cocktail, which is fixed by combining vodka with apple derived product like apple cider, apple juice, and apple brandy, apple liqueur. The drink is popularly known as apple martini. While preparing the regular cocktail the vermouth is added to the appletini. Normally the drink is fixed by mixing the apple vodka with sweet or sour mix and it is strained into the cocktail glass and served after garnishing with fruit wheel.

The luscious green drink is considered to be one of the chic “designer drinks” of all time. But over the years the drink has fallen into oblivion. In the mean while many appletini recipe variations sprung up where the rum was substituted for vodka.

Ingredients Prescribed by the Traditional Appletini Recipe, Variations and Method of Preparation
Following the IBA specified Appletini Recipe the drink is fixed by combining Vodka, Apple Schnapps and Cointreu in proportionate amounts. The Ingredients are added one by one and blended well and served over the crush ice.

Some popularly followed Appletini recipe variations suggest using sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, vodka, and apple juice or apple cider to fix up the drink. The popular recipe variation for this drink is called rumpletini and is fixed up by using the light rum in place of the vodka. The drink is also sometimes fixed up by mixing apple juice with “martini bianco”.

The apple martini prepared using the sour apple liqueur is called sour appletini or puckertini. The Baileys Caramel Irish Cream is combined with Smirnoffs Green Apple Vodka to create the caramel appletini.

Normally apple slice or cherry is used to garnish the drink. This drink is served straight.

Apple Martini Trivia
Appletini has attracted wide media attention than any other drink of the time.

  • Apple Martini first appeared in a television comedy called Scrubs, where the main protagonist calls it straight guys drink and usually orders it by calling it “easy on tini”. The food experts believe that the drink is fixed by combining Sour apple schnapps with vodka, which delivers luscious green color to the cocktail.
  • Ted Mosby from the show How I met your mother was seen sipping this drink.
  • Sue Sylvester in the television series Glee calls it her favorite drink
  • The drink was also mentioned in the popular movie The Social Network which was released in 2010. The Facebook Co-founders were seen mixing with Napster Co-founder Sean Parker. It was then that Parker enquires with Saverins(Facebook Co-founder_ Girlfriend about her choice of drink to which she replies that she will love to have Appletini. The Facebook Co-founder Zuckerberg said that in real life he never had it unless and until he saw movie The Social Network.
  • The protagonists on Two and A Half Men were seen sipping on this beverage.