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Acapulco Cocktail

The Acapulco Cocktail is a traditional cocktail made out of Triple sec, light rum, lime juice, sugar and egg white which is usually served in an Old Fashioned Tumbler glass.

Origin of Acapulco

The cocktail is believed to have originated in Mexico, after the Mexican city Acapulco or officially known as the ‘Acapulco de Juárez’. The Acapulco is one of the few classic cocktails which have evolved much with time ever since its origin.

Method of Preparation and ingredients used in Acapulco

The Acapulco Cocktail was always made with a Rum base and it never included any fruit juice or mix. But in the recent years the Acapulco is mostly made with Tequila as a base. The typical Acapulco Cocktail includes the following ingredients- white rum, triple sec, cracked ice cubes, lime juice, sugar syrup, egg white, and sprig of mint leaves. To prepare the drink, the cracked ice cubes are put in a cocktail shaker along with the white, triple sec, lime juice, and sugar syrup. The egg white is also added to this mixture into the cocktail shaker. The mix is shaken vigorously in the cocktail shaker until froth is formed. It is then strained and served into an Old Fashioned Tumbler glass. The sprig of mint leaves is used to garnish the Acapulco Cocktail.

Variations- Acapulco

Though the Acapulco Cocktail has evolved much with time, two of the most popular variations to the drink are Acapulco gold and Acapulco Clam Digger.