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How To Make A Midrori Cocktail

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Caipirinha the word itself means country girl, but the caipirinha cocktail is by no means a hillbilly chick drink. Its more like a beach babe partying it up under the glorious Brazilian sun drink. The drink originated in the sugarcane fields, when the workers would drink it with the juice made from sugarcane known as pinga or Cachaça, after a long days work. The recipe was then refined and the drink made its way to the city. Including MIDORI in the drink gives it an even more urban flavor. Although its alcohol content is quite strong, the MIDORI Caipirinha tastes great at any time of day. Pull up a stool at the bar and enjoy the cocktail that time forgot.

1/2 Cut Lime

Put lime wedges into a glass.
Muddle them up.
Add Midori Liqueur, Cachaca, and some crushed ice.
Stir a bit.

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How To Make A Cocktail
How to make midrori cocktail and serve the drinking tradition with classic ingredients. Some step wise method of making the cocktail is shown in the video.

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How To Make A Midrori Cocktail Video, How To Make A Cocktail