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Gin Based Cocktail

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The Melon Maple Fizz was inspired by one of history's great classic drinks from New Orleans, the Silver fizz. This southern Fizz is widely considered as one of the world's first molecular drinks, displaying a stunning foamy head created by the egg white and soda combination making it very attractive to the eye. What I have chosen to do here is use the beautiful marriage between the fresh Honeydew melon and Maple syrup in this auspicious classic cocktail to create something beautiful to the eye and palate. As the flavour of melon alone does not come through enough it is necessary to intensify the melon taste with MIDORI so that it becomes a prominent factor in this very refreshing, tall drink that is perfect for any time of the year.
30ml(1oz) Gin
30ml(1oz) Midori
15ml(1/2oz) Lemon Juice
10ml(1/3oz) Maple Syrup
Splash of egg white
4 Chunks of honeydew melon

Put honeydew melon chunks into a glass.
Muddle them up.
Add Midori liqueur, gin, lemon juice, and maple syrup.
Add egg white and ice.
Shake them very well.
Fill half of the glass with ice.
Strain your cocktail over ice.
Top with soda, garnish with melon slice.

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How To Make A Gin Based Cocktail
Make gin based cocktail shots with wide range of scrummy ingredients. It is bound to tackle every one`s senses, and will be a delightful treat to serve and drink.

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Gin Based Cocktail Video, How To Make A Gin Based Cocktail