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Top 10 Low Calorie Vodka Drinks

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Vodka cocktailVodka is one of those alcoholic beverages which is itself low in calories (55/25ml), and combines well with an array of mixers. However, choosing an appropriate low calorie vodka drink or cocktail can pose quite a challange to your weight loss efforts as most of the mixers are calorie dense. Now you do not have to run helter skelter for that information, here is a list of the most exotic low calorie vodka cocktails.


Low Calorie Vodka Drinks


  1. Cape Coddler: This classic mix of vodka and cranberry juice contains only 65 calories. Cranberry juice would also help flush the alcohol out of your system. Add a lime wedge and enjoy.
  2. Vodka and Diet Soda: Diet Soda can slash the calories in any drink of your choice by at least 150 calories. They go really well with vodka too adding only 74 calories to your system.
  3. Vodka and Red Bull: Simple to order, even simpler to mess up. Remember to order sugar free Red Bull or else it would send your calories soaring through the roof. This drink gives you a cool 74 calories per serving.
  4. Spearmint Vodka Cooler: Another vodka cocktail to be enjoyed guilt free, as it contains only 83 calories. It is vodka infused with the flavour of mint using organic spearmint tea.
  5. Vodka Orange Crush: Orange infused vodka along with diet orange soda, fresh orange slices, and lots of ice. The calorie meter of this drink reads 103.
  6. Vodka Rickey: This drink has muddled mint leaves, sugar, tonic water, lime juice, and vodka giving 116 calories.
  7. Golden Drop: A heady mixture of lemon voli, lemon wedge, and sweetener offers only 110 calories, and clean taste.
  8. Cosmopolitan: A regular cosmopolitan contains 145 calories, it can be modified by adding light cranberry juice, natural agave nectar, and plain lemon juice, the calories drop to 125.
  9. Vodka Martini: Vodka of your choice topped up with dry vermouth and olives, simple yet effective. The calorie content of this drink is 131.
  10. The Golden Era: Inspired by Evening in Paris, it contains 144 calories. Ingredients include voli orange vanilla, agave nectar, lemonade and pineapple juice.


Smart Tips to Order Vodka Drinks

  • Use calorie free diet soda instead of regular soda.
  • Tonic water and a dash of lime is a simple, no fuss, low calorie cocktail.
  • Using diet tonic water instead of regular tonic water slashes down almost 100cals from a cocktail.
  • Add whole orange, grapefruit or lemon to jazz up your cocktail
  • Limit the number of juices, syrups and liqueurs that go in your drink, and keep those extra calories away.
  • Keep it simple, just order vodka ‘on the rocks’


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Top 10 Low Calorie Vodka Drinks