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How to Stir a Cocktail Like a Bartending Bad-Ass

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The best thing about using this pre-Prohibition stirring technique is that is looks so cool behind the bar that customers think you know what you are doing. I first became aware of this sophisticated and effective (with proper ice) method on a visit to Manhattan in 2007. I sat and watched in awe as the amazing bartenders at Milk & Honey, Little Branch, and the Pegu Club deftly assembled obscure and classic cocktails with style and professionalism not yet

if not just be sure to add your ice last (Flighty Style) and agitate 'til everything is nice and cold. Rule of thumb is clear drinks, ones that are primarily spirits should be stirred, while those with citrus and syrups should be shaken. But for Flighty it is not really a big deal; she thinks drinking should be fun and fresh and creative or lacking that--abundant and today's trendy bartenders with their 1800s ironic handlebar mustaches and lengthy unsolicited historical lectures who regard thirsty customers as unworthy of the honor of being served a $20.00 drink that took 30 minutes to prepare--YOU ARE SUCKING ALL THE FUN OUTTA DRINKIN' N FLIGHTY DOESN'T LIKE IT.!!

In this video, you will get some dubious tips for "Cocktail Coolness" from your Flighty Hostess. Enough said. Watch!

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How To Stir A Cocktail Like A Bartending Bad-Ass Video