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Hangover Myths Decoded: Drink And Be Merry

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It's the morning after a long night of partying, which means a  hangover, loud headaches, and nausea. Want to know how to avoid this next time? Take a look as we debunk some common misconceptions about hangovers.

Once you know the truth, you'll be able to drink smarter and avoid hangovers. Or at least, have less severe ones!  Take a look!



1) Don’t Compete With Your Man


Before you start chugging on behalf of the entire women’s liberation movement, be informed that men have higher water content in the body than women. Therefore, even if they drink more, they will have milder hangover symptoms. Women have less water in their body, so they are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol. No need to keep up with the boys; stay true to yourself.


2) Hangovers are Harmful


This may not come as a surprise for many but it is more serious than you think. Hangovers cause serious damage to your nervous system. So, avoid them! Even if you're used to hangovers and feel like you can afford one more, they can still harm you. They leave you dehydrated and with weaker immunity. 


3) Wine or Vodka, Doesn’t Matter Hangover 2


It really doesn’t make a difference that you are more of a wine lover than a vodka lover. Wine can still give you a hangover. Red wine has tannins, which are notorious for giving you instant headaches. Besides, there is still alcohol content in wine, which means you might still be hungover in the morning. 


4) The Occasional Drinker is Safe


This is one myth people readily believe in but alas! It is wrong too. Even if you only drink occasionally, you still need to watch your intake. Having 10 drinks at a go, even once a month, does not guarantee that a hangover will not knock on your door tomorrow morning.


5) Order of Drinks Matters


Many people fear that if they start with a beer and then switch to other drinks, their chances of getting a hangover are higher. That is not true. You can drink in any order but if you drink in excess, you will have a hangover.


Hangover 36) Diet Cocktails Are Safe


You may think that by choosing diet cocktails, you are playing smart, which you are, but only a little bit! Beware of drinking too much, or especially strong drinks. Sugar-free or not, you should still pay attention to the number of drinks and their alcohol content.


7) Drink Leads to Better Sleep


Many people swear by this, but you should not use alchool as a way to fall asleep. Too much alcohol disturbs your sleeping pattern and will cause you to wake up feeling irritable and nauseated. So, next time you want to catch some shut eye, try these methods for better sleep.


8) Coffee Cures Hangovers


This is, perhaps, the biggest of all hangover myths. Coffee is definitely not the best way to fight a hangover the next morning. In fact, it dehydrates your body further, worsening the hangover. Instead of coffee, have some water. In fact, you should keep drinking water in between drinks to keep your body hydrated.


Remember, there is such a thing as ‘Alcohol Poisoning,’ which is worse than a hangover. Therefore, drink responsibly! Dehydration, nausea, dizziness, irritability, and loss of focus are just some of the symptoms of a hangover. In order to avoid this, drink in moderation. In case of a hangover, eat moderately, drink a lot of water and get some rest. Now you can drink smarter and avoid hangovers.


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Hangover Myths Decoded: Drink And Be Merry