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Ways To Deal The New Year Eve Party Hangovers!

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New year party hangoverNew Year eve parties simply rock, whether in an off-beat booze-party with your friends in a beach with blaring music from the car or gulping in a few pints at the pub. However, the best times can be marred by monstrous hangovers, making the new year day not so special after all. This year make a difference by following new ways to deal with New Year eve's party hangovers...









Some Tips to Deal With New Year Eve Party Hangover

  1. A couple of hot alcohols is ok, but later shift to some of the Virgin drinks, coz it can keep you grounded and if it is a non-sweet version, you’ll keep a count on the glasses too; the taste of sweet virgin drinks would tempt you to drink more.
  2. Clubbing sweets or sweet drinks with alcohol is not a good idea, as sweet is said to increase the effects of alcohol and is one among the many causes that can give you a real bad hangover the other day. So munch on something that is non-sweet and do not opt for sweet drinks.
  3. Mixing two or more drinks also is not advisable, unless you do it in a finerNew year party hangovers proportion, coz it may cause them to react and make one monster hangover the next day.
  4. If you don’t do any of these, at least remember to keep a count on the number of shots you take; the lesser the number the lesser would be the after-effects it leaves!
  5. But, if you really couldn’t give heed to any of these, the very next morning when you start getting the very first hangover symptom, try out some of these best remedies:
  • Replenish your body with lots of water, but strictly no beverages, simply coz it’s of no use and may even worsen your condition .
  • If possible, add vitamin and mineral supplements to the water you drink and believe me, they will surely do wonders!
  • Again, if you fall victim of a mild hangover do not try to worsen it by just sleeping, instead get out off your bed and do some mild exercises.
  • Get hold of your cups of shakes and juices, they are gonna put you in ease

So have a blast this New Year eve and have a happy New Year beginning too!


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Ways To Deal The New Year Eve Party Hangovers!