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Serving Drinks

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serving drinkDrinks form part and parcel of parties. Hence having a knowledge about serving drinks, both alcoholic and non-alocoholic, is very important. While soft drinks do not have any specific serving protocls, there are certain serving etiquettes for wines and other alocholic beverages. Here is a complete guide on serving drinks at parties. 



How To Serve Soft Drinks


While you don't have any formal protocols written down for serving soft drinks, these are few handy tips to serve in a better way.


  • Always choose a branded, cleaned glass.
    serving drinks
  • Choose ice prepared from mineral water.
  • Add fruit, wherever required followed by ice and soft drink in that order.
  • Always add fresh lemon juice at the end.
  • Stir and serve.
  • While serving soft drinks to ladies, keep straws and paper towels handy.
  • You can pair crispy finger foods, nuts, cookies, cake, pastries can be served

You can follow the same tips while serving home-made fruit juice, lassi, butter milk, etc. 


How To Serve Alcohol


  • Always use a good quality glassware.
  • Keep the icebox filled.
  • Use a peg measure for measuring right amount of alcohol.
  • Keep mineral water because  handy as may people prefer  not to have drinks on the rocks.
  • Keep lemony soft drinks and lime cordial handy while serving alcoholic drinks like vodka, gin, etc.
  • You can pair alocholic beverages with munchies like chips, wafer, etc, and/or finger foods made of cheese, egg, meat, fish, or even seafood like fried lobster and shrimp.

How To Serve Wines       serving wine

Serving wine is a delicate process. Wine, if served chilled, can hamper its fruity taste and decreases its aroma, sweetness. Read on to know more...

  • Serve sweet wines chilled.
  • Serve red and white wines at warm temperature.
  • It is always advisable to open the wine bottle at least one hour before serving.
  • Wine should be best served in wine glasses only.
  • At the time of serving wine, you should fill 3/4th portion of the glass.


Now with these guidelines for serving drinks, you can showcase your hospitality in a better way! 

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Serving Drinks