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How To Serve Beer

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How To Serve BeerIt has been aptly said that “there is only one beverage that is found sloshing at the depths of our souls, and that is beer”. People in west find drinking and serving beer next to remembering Jesus. How to serve beer entails three important steps to be looked upon, storing, chilling, and a pouring. For this, you need orchestration of right serving temperature, serving glasses, and pouring styles. Subtle differences in purring style of beer create huge impact in the eyes of beer admirer. So let’s us get into the details of how to serve beer, and turn an exhilarating drinking experience into never ending celebrations!


Serving Beer

Beer serving encompasses three important aspects of temperature, glasses, and styling them on table. People feed themselves first through eyes and only then do they delight their gastronomical senses. So it becomes essential to make your beer look sparkling and appealing.


Serving Temperature

Beer should be served at the right optimal temperature to enjoy the heavenly taste without any glitch. For this, the casks and beer should be necessarily stored in some cool, gloomy shade with temperature range of +/- 15 degree Celsius.Serving Beer

Normally beer should be cooled at +/- 3degree Celsius, and thirst quenching bottled beer should be cooled at +/- 5 Degree Celsius. But for gourmet beer, cooling temperature should be +/- 8 Degree Celsius.

Also, an optimum pressure flow must be taken care off while serving beer. The taste and aroma of beer is greatly enhanced by using special beer glasses made out of crystal.


Serving Beer Glasses

Beer glasses should be first thoroughly washed and cleaned, with beer washing cloth called chamois, dipped in cold detergent water. Then it should be dried and rested on table one hour in advance of beer party. Squeaky clean beer glass is extremely necessary to make your beer look sparkling.Serving Beer

Beer mugs are much in vogue that handles maximum of 12 to 16 oz beer, and is widely used as serving glassware.

The tall tapering glass variety called pilsner, and stemmed glasses with tulip shapes are hugely popular among the beer aficionados.


Pouring Etiquette

Pouring styles differ with people`s preferences, and their own choice of presentation. Like for some people, they love to have high foamy collar, while some prefer it short.

One of the best ways to gain foamy appearance in your beer is to tilt the glass and pour it gracefully going slow and steady, when the glass is less than half filled, straighten the glass and pour right in the center. However, here it is important to have knowledge of practical distance between glass and bottle.

Generally, gourmet beer are poured in this way to create a frothy and foamy look, thirst quenching beers just need to be poured elegantly in the center of the glass, for a great flavorful drink!

These are some of stylish tips on how to serve beer, and take pleasure in   responsible drinking!

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How To Serve Beer