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Caffeine Free Energy Drink

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XS Is A Prominent Caffeine Free Enegry DrinkThe fact that caffeine can have harmful side effects is one of the major reasons  why more and more people are opting for caffeine free energy drinks that actually give us the energy that we need for our sustenance. Here’s food for thought – if you’re depending only on caffeine for your energy, without eating anything else that actually is a source of energy, don’t you notice your energy levels depleting. Energy drinks that are free from caffeine will not only provide some much needed fuel for the body, but it will also be free of the side effects of caffeine like increased cholesterol and even insomnia. So here is a list of Caffeine free energy drinks that will not only provide the energy, but will also prove to be healthier.


Adina Coffee Energy


When it comes to caffeine free energy drinks, one must remember that natural caffeine does much less harm to a body. Thus, energy drinks that do not contain added caffeine are often a safer choice. Adina Coffee Energy is one such drink that is based entirely on coffee beans only, which not only contain a small amount of natural caffeine, but also necessary anti-oxidants. Thus, though not devoid of caffeine, one can count Adina Coffee Energy under the Caffeine free energy drinks bracket




This concoction made from cranberry juice and green tea contains a very limited amount of caffeine, which is only a part of green tea. Though it cannot really be counted as an ‘energy drink’ per se, it is good choice for those who like green tea and for those looking for some detoxification through natural teas, Cranergy is an excellent choice.


XS Energy Drink


XS Energy Drink has two caffeine free products – a cranberry grape and tropical blast drink. According to manufacturers, the source of energy in XS Energy drink is the “High powered, adaptogenic herbs” which are said to be high on B Vitamins and key amino acids. Those looking for a tropical blast flavour could definitely use it as a caffeine free energy drink.




This caffeine free energy drink comes in four flavors – citrus fruit, ginger lemon lime, pomegranate and peach mango. The manufacturers claim that Sea2O is one of the few drinks which are 100 percent organic and caffeine free. This drink provides us four basic nutrients – seaweed extract, agave nectar, inulin fiber, Vitamins C and B-6, which are high in fibre, rich in antioxidants and good for that much needed energy boost, without caffeine.


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Caffeine Free Energy Drink