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10 Bizarre Flavors In Beverages You Will Like For Sure

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I am a great fan of Harry Potter, and I always wait for one of the characters to taste the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. Candy that taste like ear wax, grass and what not. Now in the muggle world, you can find some bizarre flavors in beverages, an addition made in the recent past.


These bizarre beverage flavors have been described as complete meals in bottles, and one can get varied flavors like pizza beer and yogurt cokes. Though we don't really think these can be supplements to the real deal, they are bizarre flavors in beverages and we have to agree that they are wierd


Jones' Tofurky & Gravy Soda: These guys have always been into creating bizarre flavors in beverages, and have made Sweet Potato Soda, Dinner Roll Soda, Pea Soda and Antacid Flavored Soda. The latest from them of course is Tofurky & Gravy Soda, the taste of which only a true connoisseur of bizarre beverage flavors can stomach.


Dr Brown's Cel-Ray Soda: This is a forerunner in the field of bizarre beverage flavors. They have been around since 1868 and the celery-flavored soda was first seen in New York and South Florida. It is something that is popular with Jewish restaurants and is made using celery seed extracts.


Tarragon-Flavored Soda: When used as sauce for fish or when mixed with chicken and mayo, tarragon is lovely. But Soda? Are you serious? Now that is what we call the heights of bizarre flavors in beverages.


Mama Mia! Pizza Beer: Don't you just love a pint of beer with your pizza? This splendid idea evolved in the home brewery of Tom and Athena Seefurth. They claim that they mash up the Margarita pizza and then steep it like a teabag before making this brew. This bizarre beverage flavor will bring in the taste of tomato, oregano, garlic, and basil.


Coca-Cola Blak: What do you think of coffee flavored soda? Coco-cola blak is trying to up the scale of bizarre flavors in beverages and had come up with this drink, which was called back after two years of launch.


Pepsi White - Yogurt Flavor: It must be the heath food revolution that triggered such a bizarre match. This bizarre beverages flavor has the sweet Pepsi taste along with the creaminess of yogurt, and can be found in Japan.


Pepsi Ice Cucumber: Not wishing to stop their experiments there, Pepsi has launched a limited edition, cool as a cucumber drink, another one of their bizarre flavors in beverages. This is also available in Japan.


Bilk: Yes, you guessed it right. This bizarre beverage flavor mixes both beer and milk and is another one of the many Japanese discoveries. To add on to the bizarre flavors in beverages, they have used a fruity beer.


Chelada - Budweiser & Clamato: Some want it all, and it is for them that this blizzard beverage flavor was discovered. The Michelada Clamato drinker's easy solution.


Bubble Gum Vodka: Apple, orange, grape and some of the other in your face flavors, but a vodka that tastes like bubble gum is surely one big bizarre flavors in beverages.


Cab Cola & Beer with Dragon fruit: If you are looking for another bizarre flavors in beverages, then try the dragon fruit flavoring, mixed with beer and cola. This is made by a German company that also makes Cherry & Beer and Banana & Beer variations.


Orangina Cowboy Menthe: This bizarre beverage flavor mixes orange soda with mint and is a French concoction. Guess its all about being creative.  


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10 Bizarre Flavors In Beverages You Will Like For Sure