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Top 10 New Age Health Drinks

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With the rise in health consciousness of the population, the store shelves are dominated with health drinks. Although, welcome change, this had made choosing the right health drink much harder. Hence, we have created a list of top 10 new age health drinks, which have taken the world by storm. Unlike other lists, which equate health drinks to protein supplements, we have used several factors like nutrient composition, taste, functionality, and cost to rank these drinks. So read on…


10.  Sunnyfresh:

This is a complete digestive drink, which not only improves gut metabolism but also soothes the throats. It encompasses a medley of herbs including cloves, licorice, and peppermint. The Sunnyfresh is endorsed as the favorite drink by several professionals.


9.     VitaFruit: 

This is a leading health drink and delivers vitamins extracted from herbs and fruits in a concentrated form. The “unique herb – juice concentrate” gives it a viscous honey like feel, which it claims to do wonder if consumed on a daily basis.


8.     Sunnydew: 

Here is a drink, which can add sweetness to your diet without affecting the blood sugar levels. The Sunnydew is sweetened with stevia leaves, which not only gives the drink a soothing taste, but also allows it to be used as a healthy sweetener with other non-sweet drinks / foods. It is one of the best low carb drinks available in the market.


7.     Evergreen: 

True to its name, this is a concentrated form of liquid chlorophyll. As many new age nutrition experts would agree, this green liquid is the plant equivalent for blood.  Regular consumption of this liquid is supposed to improve blood circulation and deliver several rare nutrients to the body.


6.     Calli Tea:

This is not just any green tea, but an exclusive concoction of special herbs, polyphenols, and green tea catechins that aid body cleansing and detoxification. This tea when consumed regularly is believed is fight insomnia and several hormone related skin ailments.


5.     Electrosport: 

This is a sure winner among athletes. Electrosport is an electrolyte replacement with a twist, unlike other sports drinks; it is all natural with no added sugar. The makers call it an “herbal electrolyte and mineral supplement,” which provides at least 10 micronutrients, including selenium.


4.     Nuplus:  

Here is a formulation that combines the best super-foods available today into a powerful concentrated beverage powder mix. With the goodness of soy, Coix fruit, and Chinese Yam, Nuplus helps to instantly energize the body, balance the body electrolytes, and provide enough satiety to prevent over eating.


3.     Sunrise:

This drink is featured in the top 3 because it is the true blue substitute to the caffeine and nicotine addicted world we live in. This special health formula delivers a high-energy boost, similar to a mug of tea or coffee, that not only refreshes our body and mind but also cleanses the body off toxins. Sunrise is the right way to start a healthy day.


2.     RDA Organic Fresh Functional Superfruit Drink: 

Unfortunately, whenever one talks of health drinks, fruits seem to get the least importance. However, RDA Organics attempts to reverse the equation. This drink contains pure natural fruit extracts from several “Super fruits” including the Evesse organic apples. Rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavanols, the super fruit drink protects heart function, improves general health, and reverses the daily onslaught of toxics and pollutants on our body.


1.     Mama Chia Vitality Beverage:

We have rated this as the best New Age Beverage not just for the immense health benefits but the taste, flavor, and cost factors as well. Chia seeds are filled with nutrients and functional health benefits. The Mama Chia Vitality beverage has a naturally thick consistency (due to the immersed chia seeds) making it a highly filling drink. A bottle of Mama Chia can easily work as a perfect mid-day snack. With flavors like Raspberry Passion and Blackberry Hibiscus, it is flavorful as well!


Now you might have understood that health drinks mean much more than protein drinks. 



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Top 10 New Age Health Drinks