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How To Frost Drinking Glasses For Party

You will need to frost drinking glasses for your party so you can get those perfectly rimmed and enviable margaritas. But frosting drinking glasses is no big deal. Here I will attempt to explain to you a couple of simple ways to frost a glass to enhance the quality of your drink. These methods are only a little time consuming and not difficult in any sense at all.




Not only frosting enables you to rim your glasses with salt or sugar depending upon what type of drink you intend to serve, chilled glasses are often considered to be best for serving your cocktails.


You will need to chill your serving glasses well before the party starts. The commonly used method to frost glass is to stick it inside your freezer for about 2 hours. Depending upon the temperature of your freezer your glass will be frosted. Open your freezer every now and then after about half an hour to see if the glass is not sticking inside your freezer. You will have difficulty taking it out of your freezer if the glass gets stuck.


The other method is to bury the glasses you would want to serve drinks in a tub of ice cubes. Just make sure to monitor the glasses once every 15 minutes to see if they have acquired the desired frosted look.


I assume you know how to rim your glasses after frosting them? Simple, just rub the rim with lemon and proceed to dip in sugar or salt as desired. Enjoy your Margarita!


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How To Frost Drinking Glasses For Party