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How To Determine Drink Amounts For A Party Of 20

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How To Determine Drink Amounts For A Party Of 20? Most of the hosts tend to think about such things while organizing a party. Planning a party for 20 may not be stress, but it will peel your minds up to some extent. But if you plan meticulously, then things can be bit easier. Here is how you can determine drink amounts for the party of 20.


Determining drink amounts for a party of 20 can be pretty easy thing if you know the likes and dislikes of each person invited for the party. Prepare the list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that you intend to serve at the party. As the numbers of drinkers are small, so you can easily point out which drinker is going for particular set of alcoholic drinks and who is going for particular set of non-alcoholic drinks. It is found that a person consumes at least three drinks in a party. If not three at least you can multiply the drink amounts for each person by two. This base multiplication can help you to determine drink amounts required for the party.Determine the drink amounts which you are going to serve. For e.g.: A beer bottle may serve one drink,  whereas a 750ml bottle of wine provides about five drinks, etc,.


Next step of determining the drink amounts will be multiplying the drink amounts (you are planning to serve) with number of hours the party is going to last. Party planners Kimberley Wind and Liane Pifer agree that most guests will consume two drinks during the first hour of the party. Later the guests may go for one drink per hour. Now it's pretty easier to determine the drink amounts by multiplying this statistics with number of the hours the party is going to last. For e.g. As you have invited 20 guests for a party, at an average they will consume 40 drinks in the first hour. If the party goes on for three more hours, then twenty guests may consume atleast 60 drinks against a total average of 100 drinks.


Next you can move on to determine the drink amounts by multiplying the number of servings of each beverage with number of servings per bottle. For e.g.,- If you know that 10 of your guests are going to have vodka and the event is going to last for four hours, then they will gulp at least 5 shots of vodka along with mixers. You will need 50 vodka shots, which amounts to minimum of one fifths, quarts, or liters. Here is a chart which will help you to go easy about fixing the drink amounts.

One - Fifth bottle

Shot size: 1oz. = 25 drinks

1 ½ oz. = 17 drinks

1 1/4oz. = 20 drinks

1 1/8oz. = 22 drinks

One - Quart bottle

Shot size: 1oz. = 32 drinks

1 ½ oz. = 21 drinks

1 1/4oz. = 25 drinks

1 1/8oz. = 28 drinks

One Liter bottle

Shot size: 1oz. = 33 drinks

1 ½ oz. = 22 drinks

1 1/4oz. = 27 drinks

1 1/8oz. = 30 drinks


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How To Determine Drink Amounts For A Party Of 20