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Use These Hangover Cures From Around The World

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Every culture in the world seems to have its own form of hangover cures and swear by them. The people belonging to the North eastern part of England actually believe in stuffing themselves with carbohydrates the morning after a night of revelry. Various notions of effective hangover cures from all over the world are becoming well known, now thanks to the Internet. It is imperative that we check them out before getting to use these hangover cures from around the world.


  • Samuel Benedict hit upon one of the most innovative hangover cures from all over the world when he requested the hotel staff at the Waldorf Astoria to get him an English muffin topped with bacon, ham and poached eggs all smothered liberally with the rich Hollandaise sauce. Thus the Eggs Benedict was born and has been used as one of the best hangover cures right from 1894, the year it was concocted.

  • A team at the Newcastle University conducted a research on the known hangover cures from all over the world and found out that the bacon sandwich was the most effective. The protein within the bacon breaks down into amino acids and together with the carbohydrate present within the bread helps in combating the effects of alcohol. The bacon bread combination is however, well known all across the country as one of the most effective hangover cures.

  • The chimney sweeps of the nineteenth century found that a mop of soot mixed with warm milk was one of the most convenient hangover cures.

  • There are a lot of strange concoctions used as hangover cures even today. The rabbit dropping tea was a hot favorite with the cowboys of the Wild West while the Mongolians prefer consuming a thick tomato juice with pickled sheep’s eyes. The Sicilians chose to eat bull’s penis while the Celtics are not averse to burying the affected person in the damp river side sand.

  • The commonest forms of hangover cures include drinking copious cups of strong black coffee in Italy and the green tea in China. The Turks, Mexicans and Romans cannot think beyond a tripe enriched greasy soup made with garlic and cream when it comes to hangover cures.


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Use These Hangover Cures From Around The World