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Top 10 Hangover Removers -Remember These Next Time

Top 10 Hangover Removers -Remember These Next Time! If my favorite author Jackie Collins were to write another book in her 'The World is Full of...' series; I'm going to send in 'The World is Full of Hangovers' as one of the title suggestions. Most of us have been stone drunk at some point in time or the other, and have woken up to gong bells ringing inside our heads. Sadly, there are no hangover removers. Why? Mostly because, we haven't advanced much technologically, or perhaps the research scientists themselves spent too many 'happy hours' drinking. Are there any sure fire, medically certified hangover removers at all? No. But we have plenty of hangover removing ideas. Some of the hangover removing ideas came from the doctors themselves.


1. Eat the hair of the dog that bit you

Lol! This idea has existed in England, much before the time of Shakespeare. There is a pretty good chance that a dog might bite a drunk guy. Dogs chase drunk guys walking down the street all the time, you know. Something about the smell, I guess. But getting the hair of the dog that bit you? Lol , that would be impossible.


2.Be a Water-baby

Drink plenty of water to flush out the alcohol in your system. Alcohol dehydrates the body more than you will ever realize.


3.Drink Vitamin C

Gulp down a carton of orange juice or any other fruit juice that is high in vitamins, especially high in vitamin C. You need vitamins to revitalize your body.



Get some sleep. While you rest, your body rejuvenates itself. This is one of the most natural hangover removers.


5.Move that body

Do some exercise; like taking a brisk walk up the hill. It helps your brain to become more focused and will ease out many muscular discomforts.


6. No caffeine

Alcohol dehydrates you; caffeinated drinks will dehydrate you further in the morning after. Remember this as one your top hangover removers; say no to coffee.


7.Eww ... but try vomiting

Stick a finger down your throat and puke it out. Though, I will not heavily recommend this but I've been told that this works. Do this on the morning-after. Vomiting will dehydrate you, so drink a lot of water and fruit juices afterwards.


8.No carbonated drinks

This is one of the important hangover removers; stay away from carbonated drinks. Too much of carbon dioxide in the body, when there is alcohol in it, will only create a sugar rush in your brain. The oxygen in your brain gets used up too soon and you will pass out again. You don't want that, do you?


9.Drink responsibly

This is the smartest of all the hangover removing ideas. Drink responsibly. When someone offers to refill your glass when you have had enough; say a firm no.


10.Give up alcohol?

Give up alcohol? Eh? I will recommend this as the best of all the hangover removers. But, I know that you would rather try deep sea diving without the oxygen mask than give up alcohol. Lol.


Mazel tov!


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Top 10 Hangover Removers -Remember These Next Time