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Honey Can Cure Hangover Too

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Did you know that honey can cure hangovers too???

Nausea, muscular and joints ache, fatigue, headache and upset intestine; these are the regular symptoms of a hangover.

These hangovers are painful because the alcohol is first broken down into a toxin substance by the body called acetaldehyde. Further with the help of fructose it gets converted into acetic acid and then finally into carbon di oxide, which gets breathed out by the body. And here is when the hangovers end.

Honey is considered to be nature’s medicine. The benefits of honey are countless. From skin care to blood purification, honey is actually a boon for mankind. Honey can be eaten as a spread, with milk or just like that. Not only have the adults, the kids also relished honey.

And now according to the Scientists, honey, a natural sweetener, is one of the ideal options to deal with the noxious effects of a hangover. So the people who are prone to hangovers just need a bread toast and a spoonful of honey to get rid of these painful hangovers.

As per the study of The Royal Society of Chemistry, it is found that the fructose present in the honey helps the body to negate the effect of alcohol by breaking it down into mild by products.

By eating honey with toast, potassium and sodium are supplemented to the body, which help the body in handling the alcohol.

So the next time you have a hangover, take 2-6 spoonful of honey with bread. The potassium in the honey not only helps in stabilizing the effects of the alcohol but also lessens the cravings for it. Also make changes in diet and supplements to get rid of the hangover. In addition, fructose, a type of sugar present in honey also aids fast metabolic of alcohol.

Though it takes time for hangover to end, there are ways through which the effects of hangover can be reduced.

A glass of milk before alcohol, having clear alcohols like gin and mixing alcohol with soft drinks like Pepsi and coke can also reduce the effects of hangover.



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Honey Can Cure Hangover Too