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What Does The Doctor Say About Hangover Cures

What does the doctor say about hangover cures? Ok, throw your hands up in the air if you had a lethal hangover after a Christmas party. Christmas season is the season of sugar rush. Sugar filled treats and alcohol just keep on coming. This is also the season where you might pass out and wake up right next to Mike Tyson's pet tiger. You have seen the movie 'The Hangover', haven't you? If you haven't then go watch it. But, are there any hangover cures at all? What are the doctor's views on hangover cures?


Hangovers can be deadly. Splitting headache, nausea, vomiting(I saw you do that into the punch bowl..eww) and a general sense of cluelessness – are all hangover symptoms. If you have been there and done that, then you would know what I'm talking about. But, I hate to break it to you honey, there are no fool proof hangover cures. I'm told that if you eat a boiled tripe(Mexico) or drinking a pickled drink(Poland) would help. These are rustic hangover cures and the doctors say that it is not an exact science. I think that they act more like placebos than as medicines.


The doctors don't have any medical prescriptions for hangover cures but the do have some valuable advice.

1.Give up alcohol altogether. For many people convincing the Pope to have sex would be a lot easier.

2.Drink responsibly. People have a tendency to go overboard with alcohol, especially when it is served for free in the parties. So, don't do that.

3.If you have a hangover; get some sleep. While you rest, your body recoups.

4.Drink plenty of water and orange juice to flush out the alcohol in your system.

5.Do some exercise. It helps your brain to become more focused.

6.Stay away from that damn aspirin. Aspirin only worsens the hangover. It is a blood thinner like alcohol.

7.Stay away from carbonated drinks. Too much of carbon dioxide in your body, when it already has alcohol free flowing in it will only create a sugar rush to your brain. The oxygen in your brain gets used up too soon and you will pass out again.

8.Stay away from Caffeine. It will dehydrate you further. That is one of the doctor's views on hangover cures.


Cheers! But don't drink it all up, lest you want to go about searching for hangover cures. LOL!



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What Does The Doctor Say About Hangover Cures