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7 Ways To Fix A Warm Cup Of Cocoa

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Drinking a warm cup of basic cocoa drink all the time, becomes monotonous and boring. Now this article “7 ways to fix a warm cup of cocoa" will give you enough ideas to jazz up your hot cocoa for every occasion. Take a break from the monotony of a plain hot cocoa and make your drink interesting til the last sip.


There are many ways of fixing a warm cup of cocoa, but the tips that I am going to suggest are tried and true. These 7 ways to make cocoa drink can be done with powdered cocoa mix or even with melting chocolates.


  1. Cinnamon: Cinnamon stick works better in fixing a warm cup of cocoa than powdered cinnamon or powdered spices. Prepare a warm cup of hot cocoa and pour in a mug. Add a whole cinnamon stick. The mild cinnamon flavor will jazz up your drink.

  2. Infused Tea: Fix a warm cup of cocoa by learning the trick of mixing tea and coffee. You may use any of your favorite teas. Now you can enjoy two of your favorite drinks at once!

  3. Almond milk or Soy Milk: Replace your regular milk with soy milk or almond milk in your hot cocoa. Soymilk and almond milk have a nutty sweet flavor that does wonders in hot cocoa drinks.

  4. Orange Zest or juice: Orange and cocoa as a flavor combination is just irresistible. Try it!

  5. Chili Powder and Cayenne: Spice up your sweet cocoa drink with chili peppers and cayenne powders. Add a pinch of freshly grated cinnamon and the drink will become a Mexican cocoa drink.

  6. Peppermint Stick: You can either crush a peppermint to melt into your hot cup of cocoa drink for an even taste or just drop in a peppermint stick to gradually increase the peppermint flavor.

  7. Bailey and Amaretto: Jazz up your hot cup of cocoa drink in the old fashioned way. 


With the above 7 ways to make cocoa drink, you can now enjoy a different flavor of hot cocoa every day of the week.


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7 Ways To Fix A Warm Cup Of Cocoa