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How to drink tequila shot

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Tequila is a Mexican spirit which is drunk all over the world in style. If you want to be a part of the elite group in every party you attend then you ought to learn  How to drink tequila shot the right way, especially since, tequila is not any other drink and there is a special style of drinking tequila shot. Here are some different ways for you to learn how to drink tequila shot.




  • To drink tequila shot, you will have to pour 1.5 ounces in a shot glass.
  • Drink it
  • Keep repeating the above steps, till you get the desired effect.

Training wheels:

  • Pour 1.5 ounces tequila in a shot glass.
  • Cut a lime into quarter sizes.
  • Lick the skin where the forefinger and thumb connect.
  • Put some salt just where you lick. It is your choice to do this step…if you do not wish, you can leave it.
  • Lick this salt.
  • Drink the shot at once.
  • Suck the lime wedge.

This way of drinking tequila shot is known as ‘lick it, slam it, suck it’.


Drink tequila shot by sipping:

  • Pour 2 ounces in a beverage glass.
  • Put some ice in the glass.
  • Carry your glass to drink tequila shot in a place where you can sit and drink it. Sit in your favorite chair or back porch.
  • Sip the drink slowly and enjoy!

So, thats the way to drink tequila the right way, do try practicing them tonight if you wish!

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How To Drink Tequila Shot