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2010's Most Popular Bar Drinks In the US

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Find out what stuff the men are made of. Here is a list of the most popular bar drinks in USA.


A man is judged by his drink, and there is no doubt about it. He might not have the same choice as James Bond, but if he were to ask for a screwdriver with a straw, then he is just not worth the effort!

Here is a quick look at some of the most popular bar drinks in the US. Mug the list up, incase you are looking at finding your mate at the bar.


Beer is invariably the most sought after drink at the bar. Though there are at least a hundreds of brands selling beer, it has still managed to retain its fan base. It is popular and it is the most common drink world over.


The Vodka is only second in line. Made from grains, potatoes and sugar beet molasses, this drink has reached a level of fame that is hard to beat.


Now the whiskey is said to be the man’s drink and most of the guys out there prefer this hard drink to any other. It is also a form of fermented grains, which is aged in oak barrels. Many different varieties and levels of whiskey are available, and the older they are, the more rare and expensive the bottle.


The cosmopolitan is a vodka based drink that is quite popular with the ladies. It is a mix of cranberry juice, and lime juice, which is served in martini glasses with some garnish and lemon slices.


Black Russian is a rather tastefully prepared vodka with coffee concoction, which can be the related to the White Russian. The drink has the punch and is said to be a killer drink. You can surely eye the guy who is holding one of these.


Long Island Iced Tea has everything but tea in it. Vodka, gin, triple sec, tequila and ven a bit of cola. All this is mixed well in a shaker and poured into a tall glass. You can add a little sugar syrup to taste and even try blending in some lemon juice.


Old-Fashioned -True to its name, the drink has been around for dogs years and it is sometimes called the first ever cocktail. It is a tasty whiskey drink, served in old fashioned glasses. Though there are no hard and fast rules to preparing the right mix, everyone claims to have mastered the art, and believes that his way is the best way.


Rob Roy - The drink is named after a folk hero from Scotland, who is a bad chap, called Robert Roy McGregor. This is also the Scotch drinkers alternative to the Manhattan. Mostly it is served sweet, but you can order it dry or perfect.


The national drink of Puerto Rico is called the piña colada, which is made from coconut, cream, white rum and pineapple juice. This is always served in a large goblet with lots of crushed ice.


Over and above all this, a real man knows how much he can drink and all about handling his drink. So look out for the man who knows his mind, even after a couple of drinks.

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2010's Most Popular Bar Drinks In The US