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2010's Most Popular Alcoholic Drinks

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Consuming alcoholic drinks remain as popular as ever although getting intoxicated is frowned upon. The year 2010's most popular alcoholic drinks are not too varied from the previous year though and while some of the more adventurous have veered towards the exotic alcoholic drinks, most of the people have decided to play it safe by sticking to the age old tradition of consuming the tried and tested alcoholic drinks this year too. It is quite difficult to pinpoint the exact beverages that served as 2010's most popular alcoholic drinks as different experts think differently on this issue. However, the current trend indicates that the following alcoholic drinks have managed to retain their position as the most coveted drinks this year.

  1. Beer- One of the most traditional alcoholic drinks that remains a strong favorite come summer or winter. The Europeans and the Americans both prefer the bitter tasting drink and there is no overt formality associated with serving the third most popular drink in the world.

  2. Rum & Coke- A strong contender for the top most position in this year’s list of popular alcoholic drinks, the Cuba Libre as it is originally called is a highball of lime juice, cola and rum. However, people across the United States of America prefer to forgo the lime juice and call it as the Rum & Coke or Coke & Sugar instead.

  3. Vodka- This Russian drink is considered to be one of the most potent alcoholic drinks and is exceedingly popular for making cocktails. Both the alcohol in itself and its cocktails have been cherished by the general public in 2010.

  4. Tequila- This Blue agave based drink is one of the strongest alcoholic drinks and is prepared in the city of Tequila, Mexico. The drink packs quite a punch and is consumed with salt and a piece of lemon. Margarita, a cocktail made with the traditional Tequila is served in a tall glass sports a salt encrusted rim too. It has been considered to be one of the most popular alcoholic drinks this season.

  5. Wine- The mild alcoholic beverage obtained by fermentation of quality grapes is indeed a favorite when it comes to the popular alcoholic drinks. The right way of drinking wine and the etiquettes involved only help to enhance the popularity of the wine even further making it one of the most consumed alcoholic beverage this year.

  6. Whiskey - This exquisite blend of grains distilled in the traditional pot does not actually have much competition when it comes to the question of popularity. Although the Scotch Whiskey is considered to be a liquor from the Scottish highlands, the beverage is treasured and brought out for celebratory events in countries around the world.


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2010's Most Popular Alcoholic Drinks