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2010's Most Popular Mixed Drinks

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Alcoholic drinks for 2010

There are literally thousands of mixed drinks to choose from for the year 2010. However, people often vary in their tastes and it is likely that the most popular mixed drinks might actually differ considerably from person to person and from bar to bar. Being true to their name, these drinks are a mixture of a number of other drinks - both alcoholic and non alcoholic. This year's most popular mixed drinks are as follows -


1. Martinis - Considered to be one of the most classic cocktails or mixed drinks it includes a measure of gin. However, a number of variations have also emerged as the most popular drinks this year with the vodka martini, apple and chocolate liqueur flavored martinis winning hands down.  


2. Tall Drinks - Served in tall glasses, these mixed drinks contain a lot of liquids topped generously with ice cubes and are meant to be sipped slowly over a period of time. Also known as highballs, these mixed drinks have been enjoyed by a majority of the people this year. The traditional highball is not to be confused with a tall drink though. It is a particularly lethal combination of ginger ale with a good shot of whiskey. Gin and tonic, Bloody Mary and Tom Collins are all time favorites and are no exception this time round.


3. Hot Cocktails - Mixed drinks served hot are pleasant to enjoy during the chilling winter months with the hot toddy being a prime example of a popular mixed drink this season. Hot buttered Rum or the classic Tom & Jerry remain firm favorites although the spiked up coffee has gained considerable ground too.


4. Holiday Mixed Drinks - Special drinks that signify a holiday are consumed on that particular day as a mark of tradition. However, the enjoyment certainly does not lessen and downing mixed drinks in the form of an Angel’s delight or Cane candy drinks along with the Christmas Jones on the specific day has remained popular though the years.


5. Non Alcoholic drinks - Mixed drinks which steer clear of alcohol have also become exceedingly popular in 2010. While it is an ideal alternative for the teetotaler, the non alcoholic cocktails or mocktails, as they are sometimes called, are also preferred for avoiding a hangover the next day. Almost all the known cocktail drinks have their non alcoholic versions as well with the Margarita being prepared exclusively with citrus drinks and wedges of lime while the ginger ale replaces the strong vodka in the popular Screwdriver. A frothy concoction of coffee and chocolate syrups can make a traditional White Russian taste delightful even without the added alcohol.




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2010's Most Popular Mixed Drinks