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How to Mix Soft Drinks

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soft drinksIf you want an alternative to cocktails for a party, then you must know how to mix soft drinks. Soft drinks are different from other mixed drinks because they do not contain alcohol.


Soft drinks are available in a vast range of flavors as well as styles. Rather than relying on the commercially available soft drink flavors, you can mix your own soft drinks like frozen juice concentrate and club soda to produce healthier concoctions for your friends or family. Let us see how we can mix soft drinks.


  • Place the frozen juice concentrate to thaw inside the refrigerator overnight.


  • Remove one end of the bottled juice concentrate and keep the empty bottle in order to measure the club soda.


  • Now, pour the entire juice concentrate into a pitcher.


  • Pour club soda in the empty juice can and then place it into the pitcher. Repeat the process two  more times, and this will add 36 oz. club soda into the juice concentrate.


  • Stir the soft drink with the help of a long handled spoon, but stop stirring when the juice concentrate dissolves completely into the club soda. If the juice is excessively stirred, it will make the soft drink go flat.


  • The soft drink must be stored in the refrigerator and it must be covered for up to two days before serving.


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How To Mix Soft Drinks