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Four Irish Whiskeys That Can Stand Up to Scotch

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These Irish whiskies can stand up to the Scotch anyway. If you don't believe us, we suggest you find out for yourself.


The origin of Irish Whiskey dates back into the 12th century, when these were first distilled as the first alchoholic drink in the European countries. Irish Whiskey is sweeter and smoother than the Scotch Whiskeys, minus the smoky flavour that Scotch is famous for. For some reason Irish whiskey has not got its due, because they are believed to be of lesser value, when compared to single malt whiskies. All this, after the Irish Whiskey offers the same layered flavour, spicy warmth and rich and complex taste, at a far more reasonable price range.


But these aspects of the Irish Whiskey is appreciated only on one particular day, the St Patrick's day. But we believe that some Irish Whiskies are as good as, or even better than the Scotch.


Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey – This is a n Irish Whiskey, which is made in the traditional way, and has always been much appreciated in the Emerald Isle. This particular brand has just made it into the United States, and is still in the process of building up their brand. Pick one up right now, because they are available at real bargain prices. It is also a smooth drink, which can be had, without the addition of water. It comes in a rich golden shade and has a strong flavouring of vanilla, which when drunk gives way to a butterscotch flavour, with a pepperiness and creaminess as it smoothly passes down the throat.


Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve –Not always does one come across an Irish Whiskey that has been ages in Spanish casks, used once to make sherry in. This drink is light and smooth and has a sweetness clubbed with a citrus flavouring, which makes it very rare and gives it a character of its own. Then there is of course the creamy texture from its stay in the sherry cask. All in all, this drink is close to perfect, and can be thoroughly enjoyed .


Danny Boy Irish Whiskey – Agreed the name does sound a little silly. I mean, who calls their whiskey Danny boy? But, these guys who do not know how to name a drink, sure knows all about making it taste right. It is a relatively young brand and is an authentic Irish Whiskey. It might be a little too hard for your taste, when you try it for the first time. But allow the first sip to completely sink in, and then you will realise that it has an apple caramel flavour and is quite rich, with the deep taste. This is a lot more than you can ask for, from a bottle that is priced the way this one is. The honey flavour can also work as a medicine for your throat after a long day at work.


Knappogue Castle 12 Year-Old Irish Whiskey – Knappogue is one Irish whiskey that has the smokiness of Scotch Whiskey, and this makes it a tough one to judge. In many ways it is so much like the Scotch, different only due to the richness and the malt flavours. It also has a faint orange flavour, which cuts through the smoke and makes it very fresh and grainy. Well, we should mention that it is just about as fresh as an 80 year old bottle of Irish Whiskey can be.


Now, whoever said only the Scotch is good whiskey, was lying or has never tried these Irish whiskey, which can stand up to them any day.


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Four Irish Whiskeys That Can Stand Up To Scotch