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How to Make Fruit Juices

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If you follow a healthy lifestyle you must consume 2 to 4 servings of fruits or vegetables a day. Fruits may be consumed in the form of a juice. Here’s how to make fruit juices at home. Do not go for store-bought fruit juices as they contain artificial ingredients as well as refined sugar. Most of them usually consist of a small percentage of actual fruit juice. Juice made from fresh fruits gives your body the actual nourishment that it needs.


  • Firstly purchase fresh fruits according to the type of fruit juice you would like to drink. For making the best fruit juice, make sure that you pick highest quality fruit. If you want to purchase the locally grown fruit then check your local farmer's market.


  • The fruit that you purchase must be washed thoroughly. In order to peel the skin of the fruit, you should either use the paring knife or peeler. Then divide the fruit in halves or quarters and remove its seeds or pit.


  • Before taking out the juice, put a container beneath the juicer's spout. Feed the pieces of the fruit through your juicer. If your juicer is manually driven you must turn the crank.


  • In order to filter out the pulp, you should strain the fruit juice through a colander. But if you want to enjoy the pulp too, go ahead and drink the juice without filtering.


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How To Make Fruit Juices