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Darker the Drink, More the Hangover

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Did you know that the darker the drink, more the hangover gains control over you? Yes, you read that right, the darker the drink, more the hangover! At least, this is what a new scientific study has revealed. So, the good news is, from now onwards you can pick your own poison consciously. Getting goose bumps, eh? C’mon, it’s just the beginning; let’s get to the bottom of the story.



Darker the Drink, More the Hangover – Is it real?


In a recent comparative study conducted by the Brown University scientist Damaris Rohsenow and his colleagues, it was found out that bourbon was more powerful than vodka in gifting someone a more severe hangover. But, wait! Don’t submerge yourself in vodka thinking that it gets you off the hook fast. It’s just that, it rids you off the mess a little earlier than bourbon. So, that means whether you are on vodka or bourbon, you can expect disturbed sleep and lack of concentration. While this has come across as important news for all drinkers, it is an absolute eye opener for those who drink heavily at nights and engage in works associated with safety, like driving and flying airplane. 


Darker the Drink, More the Hangover – the study


The researchers conducted their scientific study on 95 healthy individuals aged between 21 to 33 years. These young adults were treated with caffeine-less cola mixed with tonic water, bourbon or vodka. Their brain activity was recorded on sleep monitors and the next day, their hangover severity was analyzed. The bourbon drinkers felt worse than their vodka drinking counterparts and they were also observed to have higher readings in the scales measuring the severity of their headache, appetite loss, thirst and nausea. Of course, the tonic water drinkers felt much better than the drinkers of bourbon and vodka. 


Darker the Drink, More the Hangover – the conclusion


Darker liquids make you more sick because they contain much more toxic compounds than the lighter ones, just like bourbon scores 37 times more than vodka in terms of toxicity. The clearer a liquor, the less toxic substances does it contain. 


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Darker The Drink, More The Hangover