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How To Pair Vermont Cheeses With Beers

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"How to pair Vermont Cheeses with Beers"? - announced a newspaper heading. Being an ardent Vermont cheeses fan this article triggered my senses. The article dished out five pairings of Vermont cheeses and beers, which were suggested by artisan Vermont cheese makers. Before sharing those five pairings with you, let me give you some background information about the cheese.

Vermont is the home to some world famous artisan cheese makers and produces 53 million pounds of Vermont cheeses every year. This coy cheese producing state is fast emerging as the Napa valley of Cheese. The state celebrated its cheesy indulgence by organizing annual Vermont Cheesemakers Festival in August 2009. Let’s see the five pairs of Vermont cheeses and beer pairings offered by the cheese makers.  


  1. Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar
    Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar derives its identity from its unique natural color, sharp crumbly texture, and zero lactose composition. The Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar is rich in vitamin D and packed in air tight containers to eliminate the molding.
    Beer Recommendation: English Pale Ale

    The pleasant bitterness and bronze tone of the beer augments the taste and flavor of the Cabot's Extra Sharp Cheddar. Try to add the following ingredients to cheese: rosemary, cluster of grape tomatoes, coarse salt and wedges of potatoes roasted in olive oil, to make it more appealing and tasty.

  2. Cabot Roasted Garlic Cheddar
    The flavor of aromatic herbs and a touch of garlic exemplifies the worthiness of the cheese. Cheese lovers yearn for its touch in casseroles, snacks, and sandwiches. This cheese has also won Best cheese award from a health magazine.
    Beer Recommendation:Porter Ale 

    The big roasted flavor of Porter Ale compliments the Cabot's hearty roasted garlic cheddar. You can augment its taste appeal by serving it with a crisp cracker bread, spicy summer sausage, or salami.

  3. Habanero Cheddar
    This attention grabbing spicy Habanero offers mind blowing taste experience. The Habanero appeals to every palate.
    Beer Recommendation:Pale Ales 

    Pale Ales is said to be pride of American microbrewers because it is largely clean, substantial and refreshing. The citrus flavor of Pale Ales compensates the spicy flavor of Habanero.  Add shredded Habanero to tortilla chips, crack it under the broiler and serve after squeezing a lime.

  4. Cabot Horseradish Cheddar
    The biting pungency of Horseradish may turn away some people; still you can enjoy the youthfulness of the cheddar by topping it with baked potatoes.
    Beer Recommendation:Amber Ales 

  5. Boucher Blue

    Boucher Blue is one of the pioneering blue cheeses, which packs in classic favors and moist textures.
    Beer Recommendation: Imperial Stout

    The malt flavor of Imperial Stout combines with the cheesy flavor of Boucher Blue to give a dashing taste.


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How To Pair Vermont Cheeses With Beers