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Learn The Basics Of Mixology - Mixing The Drinks

The fine art of mixing the drinks is called Mixology. The person who mixes the drinks is called the psychotherapist. What? LOL! No, the person is called as a mixologist. If you are working in a bar, you might also be called as a bartender. But then, there is a risk of you becoming a psychotherapist which I will tell you a bit later during this post. Before one gets to mix the drinks, one needs to learn to mix the drinks.


Who can become a Mixologist

This profession strictly is not for minors. You need to be atleast 21 years old. Is it suitable for women? Yes, it is. In fact women, earn more money as tips than men. You know why. And, if men try to act funny with you, call upon the bouncer to jostle them out.


How to learn the basics of Mixology

You could enroll in mixology classes that are being offered in different food and hospitality studies schools. Or, you could enroll in some online mixology courses and learn the fine art. Or, you can educate yourself by getting some books on mixology. You could tag along some mixologist and beg them to teach you their trade secrets(well, good luck with that). My suggestion to you is that, to be become a good a mixologist, you will need some hands-on experience. So find a source that provides you practical learning opportunities.



Why you should learn the basics of Mixology

The primary reason is that this fields gives you rich dividends of you whatever time and money that you invest. The fastest and the most stylish bartenders make any where between $1 to $5 as tips per drink served. The more experienced you become, the more are the chances of becoming a millionaire. If not a millionaire, you can still make a very lucrative living out of bartending. If you are looking at learning mixology just for the heck of it because you have a lot of time to kill; you are on the right track


What are the things that an amateur mixologist must watch out for

  • Must know the '3 knows' of this field. Must know the essential mixology tools in the bar, must know the essential mixology terminologies and must know your usual customer's drink.

  • Must be creative. Creativity is the key in this business. Do not be afraid to mix and match new drinks all the time.

  • Must constantly work on improving one's finger and hand dexterity. The quickest ones always get the fattest tips.

  • Must know about the most commonly ordered drinks and the popular ones. I don't need to explain that bit to you.

  • Remember, I told you about the risk of becoming a psychotherapist. Well, yes. Most people who come to bars have some hidden agenda or the other. When they don't have company, they tend to treat the bartender as their friend, personal guru, dietitian, agony aunt and a psychotherapist. To avoid all this unwanted drama, make very little conversations with the denizens of the bar. Keep moving from customer to customer.

  • It also helps if you learn a few basic blocking and tackling moves of some martial arts forms like Karate or Jujitsu.

  • Finally, act busy. Act very busy.


Who are the other Mixologists that an amateur must know.

Dale DeGroff, Umberto Caselli, Karel Meyer, Patricia Richards, Gina Chersevani, Charles Joly. And yeah, follow the beverage network online.


One final piece of advice to the budding mixologist, get others drunk but do not get drunk at work.


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Learn The Basics Of Mixology - Mixing The Drinks