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How To Drink Your Thanksgiving Dinner

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While having a traditional sit-down dinner with yummy roasted turkeys, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, why not have a liquor-fueled drink at the Thanksgiving dinner? Here are ways on how to drink your Thanksgiving Dinner.



Butternut squash: Butternut Squash cocktail could be a delightful experience if you have it with any side dish or while at a Thanksgiving dinner table. With Moon Mountain Vodka, butternut, tangerine and Dr. Thomas' O.D. bitters, this drink makes the consumer’s dinner simply awesome.

Pumpkin cocktail: Villains Tavern’s Sleepy Hollow cocktail can simply make your guests’ day. This creamy dessert of cocktail with gin, citrus, organic egg whites, pumpkin, heavy whipping cream, sugar, chocolate chili bitters has everything a drinker will want. Try pumpkin martini made of Van Gogh Expresso Vodka, Bailey's Irish Cream and pumpkin syrup.

Maple syrup: Feature autumn sweetener maple syrup in Drago Centro's Golden Goose cocktail of Fernet Branca, Bulleit Bourbon and fresh cape gooseberries.

Cranberry Cocktail: This is particularly for cranberry lovers. L.A.’s Patina Restaurant has a fall cocktail made of Cranberry Liquor, Pear Vodka and Apple Juice. This can be a perfect drink at your Thanksgiving table.

Sweet Potato Martini: Ever wondered about a martini made of sweet potatoes? This shows Americans' true love for potatoes. The process of grilling sweet potatoes, incorporating grain alcohol and vanilla bean can indeed be everyone’s glass of martini!

Serve these delicious drinks at Thanksgiving dinner this year and make it a memorable day for you as well as for your guests.


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How To Drink Your Thanksgiving Dinner