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How To Drink Bourbon And Water

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One of the best ways of enjoying a bourbon drink is by mixing it with water. To make the drink more interesting, learn how to drink Bourbon and water in different ways.


Bourbon and Water
Pour a couple of ounces of Bourbon in a glass and add little fresh spring water. Sip the drink slowly without adding ice to it. You can taste smoke, oak and other flavors in your Bourbon drink. The drink is best enjoyed at room temperature.


Bourbon and Water with lemon
Pour 2 oz Bourbon and 4 oz water in a cocktail glass. Add a little lemon peel and ice to it. Stir to enjoy the drink.


Bourbon and Cold Water

You would need a highball glass to mix 1½ oz Bourbon with 6 oz cold water. Drink without adding any ice.


Mint Julep
Use a mug to prepare mint julep, a drink from bourbon and water. Crush mint leaves from about four mint stems, add powdered sugar and mix in water. Fill the mug with crushed ice before adding Bourbon whiskey to it. Use a branch of mint to garnish the drink.


Bourbon and water with sugar
Mix-up sugar in water using a sour glass. Fill the glass with ice and add 2 oz Bourbon. Stir and decorate with a couple of freshly cut lemon slices.


When you have a great drink, some great food is necessary to compliment it. Pairing your Bourbon drink with the right food will go a long way in enhancing your drinking experience with friends.


Barbecues are first choice of food for serving with Bourbon and water drink. Enjoy your drink near a fired up barbeque, enjoy barbequing, eating and drinking.


Roast Pork Loin
Roasted pork make great combination with Bourbon drinks.

Spiced Apricot
Brush spiced apricots over barbecue and enjoy with your Bourbon and water drink.


Smoked salmon, oyster pies and haddock tarts are ultimate foods to pair with Bourbon drinks.


Drinking bourbon and water can be a real experience when the drink is served in the right way combined with foods that actually accentuates the taste of your drink.


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How To Drink Bourbon And Water