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How to Make Mixed Drinks From Soft Drinks

Mixing drinks... especially soft drinks is a fine art mastered by many trials and errors. This is an art that you master when you are either a chronic party thrower or an aspiring mixologist or just plain have a lot of time at hand. And to top this, one needs excellent taste buds, a good brain that understands what flavors work well together and oodles of commonsense. Well, that by itself is a darn good mix.



1. When you are experimenting with aerated drinks like Pepsi, Sprite or Mirinda, you will need to remember one thing when you start. Always play with just one aerated drink at a time. Preferably you can start off with Sprite or Mountain Dew because their flavor is fresh and almost neutral. I have mixed Sprite with lemonade, which I'm sure most of you would have tried at parties. I have once tried Sprite, Grape crush and Orange Crush on the rocks, which was pretty decent.


2. Drinks like Pepsi and Coke have a strong cola flavor which will be noticeble most of the time. It is therefore best to mix them with complimentary flavors. You can mix them with Ginger lemonade. Pepsi and Coke mix spectacularly will with Iced Teas. And Ice Teas themselves are so varied. You can mix a pinch of Indian Garam Masala and lemon juice for that extra little zing on your taste buds. Mirinda and Fanta, the orange flavored aerated drinks work well with just about every fruit crush or fruit concentrate. Fruit crushes like raspberry and strawberry can be mixed with cold coffees, and surprisingly they work well in a weird way.


3. The next time you go to a pub and order drinks, you can pay attention to the description of the mocktails in the drinks menu and try them back at home. Some of the most nondescript pubs have the most original and refreshing mocktails. Keep your eyes open the next time  you visit such a pub.


One of the things that I would like to tell an amateur soft drink mixologist is that, even the greatest of all the mocktails was created only by trial and error. There is no such thing as 'epic fail' when it comes to mixing soft drinks. This is because most of the soft drinks work well with each other. You just need to figure out what works well better.



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How To Make Mixed Drinks From Soft Drinks