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Only Smart People Drink More Alcohol

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Only smart people drink more alcohol. What connects an alcohol and smartness? Drinking alcohol is novel, say scientists.  A new study has predicted that intelligent people tend to drink more alcohol than the less intelligent ones. Also, the intelligent chaps are more inclined towards drinks like wine, beer, and other distilled spirits because they fall into the league of sophisticated drinks.


In UK, National Child Development Study was conducted on kids under the age of 16, and a similar study was conducted in US, under the name of National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. The kids were categorized into five cognitive classes: very dull, dull, normal, bright and very bright. These kids were followed through their later ages too. It was found that the brighter children often resorted to alcohol than the less bright ones.


Researchers say that large number of demographic variables such as race, sex, ethnicity, religion, education, childhood, social class, mother’s education, father’s education, earnings, marital status, number of children, number of recent sex partners, frequency of socialization with friends, satisfaction with life and depression, were responsible for the drinking behavior. It was found that kids with good social upbringing and well paid jobs enjoy vibrant social life and were drawn towards alcohol. It is a common knowledge that money can buy alcohol, but the underlying reason was their intelligence itself.


The scientists studied the details of alcohol consumption – instances of binge drinking (drinking more than five units of alcohol at one sitting) and the regularity of getting drunk. They indicated that binge drinking is injurious to health and have very few positive consequences. The study indicated that intelligent individuals are engaged in novel behavior. Binging and frequent drinking is supposed to be instances of  novel behavior, and the study concluded that intelligent individuals are supposed to drink more alcohol than dull people.


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Only Smart People Drink More Alcohol