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Top 10 Easy Drinks To Make With Vodka

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Top 10 easy drinks to make with Vodka can help you to plan your Thanksgiving and Christmas drinks menu. Vodka is preferred since is pairs just perfectly with any type of liquid. Now with the introduction of flavored vodka in the form of orange and cranberry, the mix and match drinks with vodka have become very popular. Here are some very easy drink recipes with vodka.               


The Martini – This is the classic martini made from vermouth and vodka. It is garnished with a tangy lemon twist along with a ripe olive if you are looking forward to the taste of dirty martini. You will also love the Milky Way martini with vanilla and chocolate liqueur in cocktail. It is served with Irish cream.


Apple Berry Crush – Another very popular cocktail made from raspberry schnapps, ice, vodka and apple barrel schnapps. It is topped with fresh orange juice and cranberries. It is garnished with sugar, apple slices and raspberries.

Screwdriver – To make this classic drink you will need to fill vodka over ice and then fill the remaining portion of the glass with fresh orange juice. This is one of the quickest vodka drinks  you can prepare.


Lemon Drop – This is one of those drinks which you shall find in every Christmas Party. It is prepared by rimming a glass with sugar cubes and chilling it with ice cubes, vodka and lemon juice. Add some lemon slices for additional garnishing.


Cape God – This is an intoxicating blend of fresh cranberries and vodka. It is prepared in a special way with one part of vodka and three parts of cranberry juice to make it the perfect drink.


Kamikaze – This is a drink which is not meant for the weak hearted. It is made aesthetically by combining vodka with lime juice and an interesting orange flavored liqueur. You will simply love to have it with some spicy appetizers.


Bloody Mary – It is named bloody because of its color. It is made from celery stick, tomato juice, pepper, salt and of course vodka. Worcestershire sauce as well as clam juice is also added for an enhanced taste. If you wish you can add Tabasco sauce too for an additional kick.


Vodka Martini – You will love this drink when served with vermouth and garnished with fresh lemon peel, olives and fresh pearl unions. If you prefer it bone dry, you can drop the vermouth and enjoy the rest of it.


Red Death – You will love the taste of this drink which is prepared with Southern comfort, vodka, sloe gin, triple sec, orange and lime juice. The ingredients are all well combined and then filled with ice cubes. You need to shake them well and strain it in a cocktail glass before serving.


Bloody Martini – This can make your wonderful Thanksgiving drink! You can prepare it with citroen vodka, ginger liqueur, blackberry syrup and also grape juice. You need to shake it well before serving it in a Martini glass. Do not forget to garnish it with fresh cranberries.


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Top 10 Easy Drinks To Make With Vodka