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5 Ways To Be A Brave Drinker

5 ways to be a brave drinker?!?! Really? I never thought that someone would actually need guidelines to be a brave drinker. All this changed very recently when I met an dorky guy with not a  fun gene in his body. He asked me to tell him one way to drink bravely and I said, “I will tell you how to drink bravely in five ways.”


1. Always remember that you can always get away with your stupidity.

Alcohol will make a poet out of a common man. We also know that people tend to blabber when they are drunk and do real stupid things like passing out on the toilet seat. People will take you seriously when you are drunk. You could use this opportunity to pass sarcastic but truthful jokes about people you don't like.


2. Always remember that alcohol by itself will make you brave.

Need I say more? Drink a couple of beers and see how the bravado surges through your veins. You might also feel like the knight in shining armor of every damsel in distress and you might get into bar brawls.



3. Always remember that alcohol will help you make friends.

All the introverts tend to become extremely extroverted with a couple of drinks in their systems. You can sense that you are slowly shedding all your inhibitions and fast becoming the social butterfly of the night. You might even think that you can talk to the animals.


4. Always remember that you might get invited to the other cool parties

Now that you are brave, stupid, extroverted and a knight in shining armor for every damsel in distress there is a pretty good chance that you might be invited to the other A-list parties.


5. Always remember that a hot chica might slip in her number to you.

With all the alcohol induced chivalry, if you manage to knock some guy down and impress a girl, she might give you her number.


Disclaimer: This post is on a lighter note. Drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.


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5 Ways To Be A Brave Drinker