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Weird Vodkas Of The World

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Scorpions, skittles, rattlesnakes, bacons…. the list is endless. No we are not talking about the kinds of snakes. Then what? Well these are some of the weird Vodkas of the World.


Pure Vodka is the best form of alcohol, with smooth, piney effect. It can gel well with any random liquids in your refrigerator. But now-a-days, vodka-preneurs have surged a step ahead by fusing vodkas with almost all imaginable ingredients on the Earth. After drinking them either you will jump with joy or weep over wasting precious money on such a yucky drink. One can’t help it, you may probably experience both emotions at the same time.


Pickle Vodka: As the name suggests, this vodka variety is known for the flavor of pickles and garlic. Vodka Garant distillery, which makes all sorts of quirkiest vodkas in the world have patented this vodka. This vodka will taste good with grilled hamburger, which is topped with the spiciest of condiments. Vodka Garant, on their website, boast that you will really love the famous taste of pickles and the aroma of brines will be unforgettable to make this drinking this vodka a remarkable experience for you.


Horseradish Vodka:  Many of us might have experienced the piercing feeling in the brain, when we accidently put too much horseradish in the mouth. You may feel like crying, curling up into a ball or even die, at once.Horseradish vodka is an innovative creation by Sputnik Vodka. This vodka will gel well with the steaks. Its regular drinkers vow that this vodka is worth a drink or two.


Snake blood Vodka: This form of vodka is especially popular in Vietnam. If you are an adventure seeker in terms of drinks, then, don’t forget to taste this drink, whenever you visit Vietnam. This vodka can team up with any fancy meal. And, as per one nasty rumor, some special guests are also served with snake's live heart as a sweet follow up to the drink.


Scorpion Vodka: Scorpions are creatures whose very sight may invoke a jittery feeling. Then, what about throwing the body of scorpion in some vodka? Wait for some time and when the creature infuses its flavor to the drink, pour yourself a neat cocktail in the glass and enjoy the punch. The idea may sound whacky and yucky, but that’s exactly what the scorpion vodka tastes like. It is treated with real farm bred Heterometrus spinifer scorpion. You can buy this vodka from Thailand Unique, which sells it at a fair price. This vodka variety may trigger off a conversation at home, office or bar. The amazing piece of information is that some Southeast Asian people have been using this vodka for medicinal purpose since last many centuries.


Bacon Vodka: Bacon vodka is also called Bakon. It  was created by Black Rock Spirits, a Seattle based company. This ‘bacon bomb’ may hit your mind fiercely. The high end lounges around Seattle sell this vodka by mixing it with blue-cheese-stuffed olives and blue-cheese stuffed olives.


Rattlesnake Vodka: If scorpions can, then why not rattlesnakes? The surprising information is that this vodka has by now, collected a huge set of followers. You need a valid liquor license to sell this vodka, or you will meet the fate of Bob Popplewell who was arrested by Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commissions and 411 bottles of this vodka were seized from him.


Hot Dog Vodka: Some may call it marvelous, and others may feel that this drink is just a concoction prepared by some moron.  How will you react – when the pungency of the mixed animal parts and liquor starts burning your throat? Well you may either thank Andrew Fenton for giving you such a lovely dash of madness or you may want to spit at him for creating such an awful drink. Hot dog Vodka teams up with pork chops or steak.


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Weird Vodkas Of The World