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Top 10 Yeast-Free Alcohol Drinks You Can Serve

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Looking for yeast free alcoholic beverages? Read through this list on the top 10 yeast-free alcohol drinks you can serve and find out your choice of beverage. To make it easier for you, I have researched out the top 10 yeast-free alcohol drinks you can serve your guests who are prescribed against the ingredient. While we all know yeast as a safe bacterium used in leavening breads, fermenting alcohol, beer and wine and curdling cottage cheese, there are some people amongst us, who are medically advised against yeast consumption. So, if your drink partner is one of them or you are, there’s simply no reason to feel unlucky about it. With so many yeast free alcoholic beverages available these days due to the special yeast free dietary needs of some people, you should rather feel lucky to be still have the freedom to taste wine, beer and whiskey. 


The fermentation process


All alcoholic drinks are fermented with yeast when they undergo the brewing process. The fermentation process is an unavoidable step as it ensures the presence of alcohol in whiskeys, beers and wines. The fermentation process requires a simple reaction between the yeast and oxygen to produce alcohol. But then again, don’t stay under the impression that yeast free alcohol is a myth or non-existent variety. Alcoholic beverages are indeed fermented with yeast, but some varieties of these beverages are subjected to several distillation stages with rigorous filtration techniques, which filter away almost the entire yeast residue by the end of the process. 


The finished product


The alcoholic product that results from this ultra-filtration procedure ensures a top grade quality that’s clear, fragrant, colorful and of course, flavorful. This rigorous procedure is also followed to stop further yeast and oxygen reactions in the drink. So, the resultant drink is not only yeast free, but also of finer quality. This lends more longevity to the beverage and preserves its taste for a long time. Residual yeast in the drink makes the beverage more alcoholic with time and ruins its taste and quality, reducing its shelf life.


Top 10 yeast-free alcohol drink ideas


Here is a list of all the alcoholic beverages which are subjected to rigorous filtration to remove yeast, before being bottled and sold out –


1. Vodka

2. Bourbon

3. Rum

4. Gin

5. Spirits

6. Filtered Wine

7. Distilled Liquors

8. Filtered Beer

9. Kosher wine

10. Budweiser


Brand matters


Although I have mentioned the top 10 yeast-free alcoholic drinks you can serve, I must caution you that all liquor brands do not have the same filtration procedure. I have presented a list of beverages which are generally prepared yeast-free. However, maintain caution with imported brands of these drinks and research out well before hand to find out if the drink in question is really produced yeast-free. The Russian and Czech Republican brands of liquor are better avoided if you are on a yeast-free diet. You can be well sure of the domestic brands like Captain Morgan, Holsten and others, which are yeast free, as they all must be pasteurized and filtered before being bottled, as per the law. 


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Anonymous's picture
Ummm... your an idiot. Just because its been filtered, or distilled, doesn't make it yeast free. That's like believing a brita water filter removes chlorine, ammonia, caffeine, and birth control from city water. Further, if one is on a yeast free diet, imbibing alcohol feeds the yeasts in your body, and you shouldn't drink it. Filtration processes leave on average2-4% yeast residue
Anonymous's picture
Wow! Call someone an idiot and don't even get your facts right. Yeast produces alcohol.. it's the waste product. It does not consume alcohol. Would you eat your own waste? Maybe I shouldn't ask.
smruti's picture
Hello Anonymous I dont think the writer has got all his facts wrong... becoz, if you do your research you will find that most branded alcoholic drinks are pasteurized, which kills yeast and renders the drink yeast free. Again, you are not totally wrong either. Home brewed alcohols can be a concern, since they do not follow the same steps as branded drinks. But the blogger has already cautioned the reader against such drinks.
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Thanks this was useful as I am very allergic to yeast even in trace amounts but I find Smirnoff vodka is fine and branded Gin. I have avoided things like brandy because yeast grows on grape skins so I react to wine, cider, beer etc (also apple and plum skins and this is enough for me to react!) although Ive not tested it so maybe it would be ok. Thanks for the info, I didnt realise that pasteurizing kills yeast, not many other things seem to! Does filtering remove all the yeast or could there be trace amounts left?
Top 10 Yeast-Free Alcohol Drinks You Can Serve