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Ten Ways To Garnish A Drink – Get Creative

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You must have often noticed those colorful little paper parasols on a cocktail drink or a neatly cut lime wedge fixed on the rim of the cocktail glass. With our ten ways to garnish a drink, we hope to bring to you ten different ways of garnishing or decorating your drink. 



Everyone loves a cocktail colorfully decorated with a vibrant paper umbrella or a mint sprig delicately arranged on top of the icy cocktail. Discussed below are some of the ways of garnishing a drink.      



Fruits are the cheapest available items that can be used as a cocktail garnish. 


Strawberries: While serving a strawberry daiquiri, slice a strawberry horizontally at the bottom and fix it lightly on the rim of the strawberry daiquiri glass. 


Lemon: While serving mojito, one can use a neatly cut lime wedge as a garnish. The lime or  lemon wedge may be consumed before or after the drink and it helps in adding to the flavour of the drink.


Apples: Use either green apples or red apples and slice the apple horizontally into slices with ¼ inch thickness. Keep the cut slices in baking soda so that they do not turn brown. After all the slices have been cut make a small hole at one side of the apple slice so that a small red cherry can be fixed into the hole. Make a cut on the side of the apple wedge and fix it on the rim of the glass.


Vegetables are again a lovely and cheap option to garnish drinks.


Mint sprigs:  Mint leaves are widely and commonly used for garnishing drinks. Just place a neatly cut or plucked mint sprig on top of the ice.


Tomatoes: While serving bloody mary celery can be placed on top of the drink surface. Or for the creative ones, a tomato wedge may be used on the rim of the glass. 


Onions: Use cocktail onions while serving martinis. Serving cocktail onions with martinis turns the drink into a Gibson.


Cucumber:  Cut the tips of the cucumber, right on the top of the fleshy part, creating a petal like shape. Once both the tips of the cucumber have been sliced off and shaped into petals, the cucumber “petal” can be fixed on the rim of the glass or it may be floated on the drink.


Some bartenders use props on their cocktail drinks to give the cocktail extra color. 


Paper Umbrellas:  Use colourful paper umbrellas and fix cherries or olives at the pointed end and balance the parasol on the rim of the glass.


Plastic stick mixers:  Plastic stirrers and mixers in creative shapes, designs and colours add an extra jazz to the drink. Cherries, pineapple pieces, olives may be affixed at one end of the stirrer.


Bottled jellies:  Some typical bottled jellies such as nata de coco is a type of coconut jelly, native to Philippines and sweet in taste. It is firm enough to be pierced and stuck on to a tooth pick or a stirrer.


Now the next time you throw a party at home, surprise your guests with your skills in garnishing a drink. With the ten ways to garnish a drink, you can make 10 different garnishing in no time and make your guests happy.


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Ten Ways To Garnish A Drink – Get Creative