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How To Cure A Hangover

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How To Cure HangoverHow to cure a hangover? Everytime you face this scenario, you think about it. Overdoing with alcohol leads to dehydration along with essential vitamin deficiencies. If you are aware that you will soon have some heavy drinking sessions, you need to make plans of how to cure a hangover – get over with it as soon as possible. Those who are looking for information on how to cure hangover will find our tips very useful – so read on and know how to get over a hangover as soon as possible.




This is a great homemade remedy of curing hangover. If you wake up and feel really awful just have two glasses of water and get back to sleep. You can do this as many times you wish or till you are able to get rid of the hangover.


Drink water 


Water is a great cure for hangover. You will notice that after heavy drinking sessions, you tend to feel thirsty – as long as you keep feeling thirsty, it is an indication that alcohol effects are still there, so keep drinking water. You can drink as much water as you wish.


Fresh fruits, vegetables  and multivitamins 


You can take multivitamins and some fresh fruits the next morning. It shall help your body to accelerate your recovery process and will help you to feel better. One of the most effective vegetables which help to cure hangover is tomato juice – so have this in plenty, tomato soups can do the trick as well.


Have a cup of hot tea


Have tea instead of coffee – tea shall help you to get rid of a hangover very quickly rather than coffee. Coffee might give you temporary relief from hangover but you will notice that your hangover is soon returning. This shall not happen with tea – have  several  cups of tea whenever you feel a headache and the urge to have a drink.


Hot bath 


Hot bath with lots of shower gel can really help you to feel better. If you are having a headache with nausea, this can be really effective. Once you take a hot bath, you can quietly lie down and apply a moisturizing cream which shall help to restore your skin balance.


Fresh air


If you are feeling tired and having a headache, you just need to go to a nearby park or open space and take in some fresh air. It helps to stimulate your brain functions and will help you to recover soon.


Apple and banana 


If you feel like vomiting with a terrible headache – have a banana or an apple. In fact, you can have both of them together. You can even put both the fruits in your blender with ice and have a smoothie. It shall give you all the nutrients which your body will be lacking.


Last but not the least do some light exercises – it shall help to improve your blood circulation and you will feel better.


Now that you know how to cure hangover, next time you overindulge try these.


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How To Cure A Hangover