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How To Make Fruit Drinks?

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The popularity of natural fruit drinks are increasing day by day, especially as a healthy alternative to those fizzy beverages and soft drinks available in the market. Know how to make fruit drinks at home in simple ways and get the purest and healthiest form of fruit drinks for yourself and your family.  
Fruit drinks are natural, tasty and healthy options for cooling yourselfDifferent people make fruit drinks in different ways. There are mainly three different ways of making fruit drinks at home. Depending on your taste and time at hand, you can choose any one of them for those delicious, tasty, refreshing goodness, sitting right at home.  

Using an Electric Juicer:
With the electric juicer, making fruit juice needs just a few seconds. No complexity, no hassles, no elaborate procedure, no long hours of messy time – just a few minutes and your healthy, refreshing fruit juices are ready. To make fruit drinks in a juicer, simply select your desired fruits and wash them well. Remove the stems and pits, as well as the skin (especially for citrus fruits) and cut them into small sizes before you put them in the juicer. Now, turn the juicer on and feed the fruits into the chute. Place a container to collect the juice and serve fresh with chilled ice and garnish as per your choice.

Boiling the Fruits:
One of the popular fruit drink recipe ideas, especially when you plan to store some for a longer time, is by boiling the fruits and then juicing them out. This is an easy process that does not require much time and works out very well, especially when you do not have an electric juicer.

For this, again select the fruit of your choice, wash them well and then cut them into small pieces. Now add them in a large pot and add about a cup of water to it. Bring it slowly to a boil. Slow boiling extrudes the maximum juice from the fruit and at the same time, stops the actions of certain enzymes that change its color and taste, especially when stored in the freezer. Boil this for about 5 minutes before turning the heat off and let it cool for some time, till it comes at a room temperature. Once cooled, strained it well into a container and then, store in the freezer for cooling. Serve chilled whenever your guests come. Fruit juice made in this way can be stored for even weeks together.

Fruit Smoothies:

The frosty, fruity smoothies are also another great fruit drink recipe idea that is surely going to steal everyone’s heart away. The soft, creamy smoothies are easy to make and are an all-time favorite among your kids. You can make a healthier version of the smoothies by using low-fat milk or by using calcium-fortified soy milk – your kids would never say no to them and hence, you easily get a chance of giving some good calcium supplement to them.

For making smoothies, take the fruits of your choice and wash them well. Add them to the blender along with some ice and a cup of yoghurt. Blend on high till the ice is crushed well and the drink becomes smooth and creamy. Your fruit smoothies are ready – serve them chilled to the kids.

Thus, there are different ways of making fruit juice at home. Use any of these fruit drink recipe ideas and beat the heat in a most delightful, pleasurable, refreshing and tasty manner.

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How To Make Fruit Drinks?