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Popular Drinks Every Bartender Should Know

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The Popular Cocktails

It would be wrong if you expect a bartender to know all the drinks, but there are few popular drinks every bartender should know. Most of the customers would like to order among these common drinks. And hence, it would be good for a bartender to learn more about the delicate and fascinating drink recipes from the experience in the bar. Here is a list of 15 popular drinks to know for the new bartenders.


  1. Aviation Cocktail - Serve in a cocktail glass by shaking 2 parts of gin, ½ part of lemon juice, ½ part of Maraschino liqueur, ¼ part of crème de violette.
  2. Bellini -Blend 2 parts of sparkling wine with 1 part of fresh peach puree. Use a champagne flute to serve.
  3. Blood and Sand – Use a cocktail glass to serve the mixture of 1 part scotch, 1 part blood orange juice, ¾ part sweet vermouth and ¾ part Cherry Heering.
  4. Bloody Mary - Add 3 parts of vodka with 6 parts of tomato juice and 1 part of lemon juice in a highball glass. Serve by adding ice cubes on top.
  5. Caipirinha – To prepare this Brazilian drink you will require 2 teaspoons of sugar and ½ lime cut into wedges. Mash these in an old fashioned glass, then fill with crushed ice and add 1.6 part of Cachaca.
  6. Collins – This drink can be based on either gin or bourbon or vodka. Mix 2 parts of gin, 1 part of freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar syrup in a tall Collins glass with ice. Fill the remaining part with soda water.
  7. Cosmopolitan – Add 4 parts of vodka, 1.5 parts of Cointreau, 1.5 parts of fresh Lime juice and 3 part of Cranberry juice to shake up. Use a cocktail glass to pour the drink.
  8. Daiquiri – Shake the combination of 9 parts of white rum, 4 parts of lime juice, 1 part of Gomme syrup and ice cubes. Serve in a chilled cocktail glass.
  9. Gimlet – Use an old fashioned glass to mix 4 parts of gin with 1 part sweetened lime juice. You may garnish with lime wedge.
  10. Gin Fizz – 3 parts of gin, 2 parts of fresh lemon juice and 1 part of Gomme syrup is used to prepare the drink. 5 parts of soda water is added to it after pouring in highball glass. Add 2 ice cubes to serve.
  11. Irish Coffee - Heat up the mixture of 2 parts of Irish whiskey, 4 parts of coffee liquor and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Now add a dollop of whipped cream to pour in an Irish Coffee mug.
  12. Mai Tai – Shake 3 parts of orange curacao, 3 parts of Orgeat syrup, 1 part of rock candy syrup, 2 parts of fresh lime juice and 6 parts of white rum. Strain into a highball glass and on top pour 6 parts of dark rum to float over.
  13. Manhattan – Stir 5 parts of Whiskey, 2 parts of sweet red vermouth and dash of Angostura bitters over ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
  14. Margarita – Use 7 parts of tequila, 4 parts of Triple Sec and 3 parts of lemon juice to shake along with crushed ice. Now take a salted rim cocktail glass to pour the drink.
  15. Pisco Sour – You will require 8 parts of Pisco, 4 parts of lime juice, 3 parts of simple syrup, 1 egg white and 1 dash bitter to shake well along with crushed ice. Now strain the drink into an old fashioned glass to serve.


So, now that you have knowledge about the popular drinks every bartender should know, you can be a better bartender!


Good luck!


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Popular Drinks Every Bartender Should Know