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How To Drink Free In Las Vegas

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Las Vegas - the City of Unlimited Entertainment


Las Vegas is the dream destination for many of the travelers of Unite States. It is the place to have unlimited amount of fun and merry at almost free of cost. Drinking free in Las Vegas is also quite famous and popular concept to many of these travelers. If you are new to this entertainment destination and want to get drunk without paying money, then you must know how to drink free in Las Vegas.


  • Las Vegas is the city of casinos. You will find casinos of different types and grandeurs all over the city. These are the ideal places where you can grab these fantastic deals. One of the useful methods to enjoy free drinks would be to get into gambling in any of the casinos. As long as you will be gambling, the waitress will keep on serving you free drinks of your choice. However, there is a trick to enjoy more than one free drink from the waitress. Each time she brings your drink, you are supposed to tip her with $1. If you don’t tip for any drink, perhaps you will not get your next drink or she will take more time to come back to you.

  • In this tipping issue, there are many who find tipping with a big amount for once is much effective method than tipping for every round of drink. People, who are experienced in this field, usually tip for $15 or $20 to the waitress to confirm that the next drinks are going to come on time and as per their choice. This way, you can guarantee at least 5-6 rounds of drinks completely free of cost. I think, for people with medium level drinking capacity, these are quite a number. However, if you have plans to enjoy the game and drink for the whole night, then you should take a $50 note to tip the waitress.

  • The regular casino people have also noticed that the frequency of free drink serving differs for game to game. When you are playing a high value casino game, the frequency will be much better than a low value casino game. This is a kind of marketing strategy for the casino administration to enhance the involvement of the customers. So, you can assure more free drinks for the night by joining a comparatively costly casino game.

  • Other than these options, there are many restaurants and bars, which offer happy hours of free drinks and cocktails for a particular time duration. Ladies can enjoy their night out with the free drinks at certain places within a given time like 11pm. Some of the bars have offers like buy one get one free. To know all these information you have to check the information desk of your hotel or check the local news paper to search for the free deals at your nearby locations.


If lady luck is with you then you can expect the unexpected things to happen. Winning a casino game can result into lots of fun, food and drinks – all free of cost, meaning that you will not require spending for any of these from your bank account.


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How To Drink Free In Las Vegas