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What To Drink With Chinese Food

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Whenever I visit any Chinese restaurant, I keep deciding on what to drink with Chinese food? While searching on this context, I found out so many options of drinking with Chinese food, that I became overwhelmed. In my next visit to any Chinese restaurant, I am surely going to order for any of these special drinks so that I can enjoy this authentic cuisine in traditional Chinese way.

Tea has been a special part of Chinese culture and cuisine from very early days. Being the national drink of China, you will find a variety of flavors to enjoy with your Chinese food. Among them, Green tea is most popular all over the world. Perhaps, you have seen and tasted this at the Chinese restaurant, where it is served as an appetizer. This tea is infused in hot water before serving. It has a light flavor of tea and the liquor is also very light to sip along with your meal. Other than green tea, you can also order for black tea, which is actually a kind of fermented tea. The black tea has beautiful aroma and it is one of the favorite versions of tea among the Chinese people. Another variety of Chinese tea is oolong tea, which has been meant for the tea-lover people. Served into tiny cups, this tea requires lot of skill to prepare. The brick tea is another variation, which is very popular among the Chinese people of Tibet and Mongolia. This brick shaped tea has a unique earthy flavor of which many people are quite fond of. All these varieties of tea can be blended with a mixture of flower to develop scented tea in different floral aroma such as gardenia, jasmine, rose, orchid etc. These flavored teas can also serve as a unique drink with your Chinese platter.

China has been one of the earliest countries to endeavor into preparation of alcohol. From that time onwards, this has been related with the cultural, social and economical part of this country. Taking a sip of traditional Chinese alcohol will take you much closer to the culture and tradition of China. You will get a wide variety of alcohol items to drink with your Chinese food. Among them, the Chinese liquor will come first, which is fermented from corn, rice, wheat and broomcorn over long years. This tasty drink has a tempting aroma with a transparent look. It is perhaps the most prestigious drink for offering to a guest according to the Chinese heritage. Another unique and authentic Chinese drink is the gorgeous looking yellow wine, which is made from rice and sticky rice. This wine is perfect as a drink beside your food for its balmy aroma and sweet taste. Fruit wine is another choice of drink, which is prepared in a variety of fruit flavors like pears, oranges, grapes, sugarcane, litchis etc. Chinese Beer can also be selected as a drink, however traditionally it is comparatively young addition to the Chinese culture.

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What To Drink With Chinese Food