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20th Century Cocktail

The 20th century cocktail, often regarded by many as one of the most special classic drinks, is a concoction preparing by infusing chocolate and lemon in gin. The twentieth century cocktail can be described has a sweet concoction with lemony and herbal notes and a luxurious chocolaty finish.

History of Twentieth Century Cocktail

The 20th century cocktail is a historical drink that originated in 1939 and is associated with the unveiling of the then newly streamlined Dreyfus Hudson Engine that had pulled the historical Twentieth Century Limited train from New York City to Chicago in the year 1938. The recipe of the 20th century cocktail was first published in the Cafe Royal Bar Book launched in 1939; although, many believe the drink to have been existent before the unveiling of the train and the engine and that the design of train was inspired by the cocktail itself.

Ingredients Used and Popular Method of Preparation of Twentieth Century Cocktail

The 20th Century Cocktail is made by mixing together the ingredients like gin, Lillet Blanc and Crème de Cacao, to which a fresh lemon has been squeezed to add in a sharp tinge. The mixture is then shaken and strained.

Serving 20th Century

The 20th century cocktail is best served in a cocktail glass, with a lemon twist garnish.