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How To Drink Mezcal

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Are you planning a trip to Mexico? Discover the rich culinary traditional and also most importantly do not miss out on mezcal. Mezcal is a distilled liquor made from the agave plant. In Mexico most often mezcal is drunk straight.  It can also be mixed in a cocktail. Here’s How To Drink Mezcal
Tips on How To Drink Mezcal How To Drink Mezcal
1) For biggners, the flavor of mescal can be harsh and even cause coughing. Drink Mezcal slowly. Traditionally mescal is drunk is as a shot, with a side plate of fried larvae ground with chili peppers and salt and cut limes. You take a pinch of the larvae mixture and places it on the tongue, then immediately begins to drink the shot, but slowly. Newbies are targeted to drink too much too fast. Please avoid over drinking. Remember, that your friends or relatives will not like you more if you drink more and they will not like you less if you drink less.
2) Do not mix your drinks. If you are drinking Mezcal stick to it. Mixing drinks can make you feel sick.
3) Avoid drinking games while having Mezcal.  These games are designed to make a person over drink.
4) To relieve the effects of a hangover, some people will drink a beer. This may or may not work for you. One reason you feel sick is that you may lack water, so drinking water might help. Your hangover will mostly likely be gone the same day so do not need to worry much.
5) As you drink Mezcal, make sure that you nibble more foods throughout the evening. Again, the best foods are proteins like eggs, cheese, nuts, boiled potatoes, pickles, and other salty foods.
Go down to Mexico for a true mescal. Cheers!

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How To Drink Mezcal