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How To Drink Ginger Champagne?

Your effervescing champagne, which conjoins the spirit of fiery ginger- Viola! The ginger champagne, that hisses, bubbles and growls to give you the ‘rocking-knock’ of a lifetime.

How to get the best punch of the drink? How to drink ginger champagne?


how to drink ginger champagne and get a spicy cocktail full of spirit


Let us call a ‘time-out’ to float deep into the sizzling drink, its texture, its make and what makes it the perfect cocktail.

•    When you have grated ginger simmering in water with caster sugar, which you allow to cool and then shake it up with a couple of  Angostura bitters before pouring chilled champagne/silvery wine to it… Your cocktail is now ready. So how to drink Ginger champagne?

•    Before serving your cocktail, some bit of garnishing with fresh herbs such as mint or rosemary, imparts the right flavour to the spice of ginger.

•    The ubiquitous cheese steps in once again to pair with your ginger champagne. It could be any make of cheese, cheddar, brie, edam, which could be presented as cubes, slices or even as a spread.

•    Sea-foods are great accompaniments to ginger champagne. Be it lobsters, shrimps, sushi or raw oyster, the freshness of the sea sort of accentuates the flavour of the ginger-champagne.

•    Chicken-based appetizers also present a winning combination with the drink. But make sure that the chicken is either steamed or just baked, to retain a subtle flavour, so when you explore the way on how to drink ginger champagne,  you get the fulfilment of blending flavours in the best possible way and also sense the distinctness of the individual flavours

•    Salt gels well with the taste of ginger and champagne. So to give the ginger-champagne a double pep, try sprinkling the sides or accompaniments with sea-salt. You will have the aroma wafting through the fizz of the drink…do you need a better way to drink ginger-champagne?

•    Lemon and ginger get along like ham ‘n’ eggs not to mention the champagne. So while serving your ginger-champagne, perch a zest of lemon-slice on the glass- as a crowning glory to the cocktail and; make it a memorable experience for the guest by teaching him/her the zest-iest way on how to eat ginger-champagne.

 Once the glasses filled with ginger-champagne are ready to clink, here is a choice of dishes, which you can serve and help you drink ginger-champagne to the less.


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How To Drink Ginger Champagne?