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How to Savour Indian Drinks

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Indian drinks range from alcoholic to non-alcoholic, and if you learn how to savour Indian drinks, you will be able to enjoy a big part of the elaborate Indian cuisine. Yes, that’s because, drinks also form a major part of the Indian cuisine and they are available in a rich array of flavors, tastes, and ingredients. Once you know how to savour Indian drinks, you will understand what is the best time for having a particular drink. Since, drinks form an integral part of traditional Indian cuisine, there are different times for savouring a particular drink. So, if you are curious to know how to savour Indian drinks, I am here to tell you the secrets.

The different types of Indian drinks

For savouring Indian drinks, you must first know what are the different kinds of drinks, which the Indians have? Indian drinks can be broadly divided into three categories – traditional alcoholic drinks, non-traditional alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks. I am going to give you an idea on how to savour these different kinds of Indian drinks.

Savouring Indian drinks which are alcoholic

Savouring-Indian-DrinksThe traditional alcoholic drinks are Hadia, Mahua, Feni, Toddy, Sonti, Chuak, Chhaang and Mosambi. Out of these, Hadia and Sonti are alcohols made from rice. Mahua is a popular drink made from flowers and Feni is another popular alcoholic beverage made from cashewnuts. You can have these traditional alcoholic drinks accompanied by Indian snacks like vegetarian or non-vegetarian pakoras and samosas. You can also savour these drinks with main course Indian meals during lunch or dinner. The non-traditional alcoholic drinks are Indian beer and Indian whiskeys made from foreign liqueurs. You can enjoy these drinks the same way as you enjoy the traditional Indian alcohols.

Savouring Indian drinks which are non-alcoholic

The non-alcoholic drinks are of varied types, each of which can be classified into different categories. For example, drinks like yong coconut, lassi and sharbat are served as welcome drinks when some guests have dropped by. You can savour these welcome drinks any time of the day, even on an empty stomach. The Indian filter coffee, masala chai and tea are best savoured with Indian snacks and biscuits at tea time in the morning or in the evening. Then, there are these summer coolers like jal jeera, nimbu bani, aam panna, kala khatta and kokam sharbat which are best savoured on sunny afternoons after a sweaty activity. There are slightly heavier milky drinks like falooda, Gajjar Ka Doodh, Badam Dood, Thandaai, Sattu and Kesar Kasturi which can be savoured with breakfast meal as health drink. There are also appetizer drinks like chhachh, which are served before main course Indian meals. There are also special drinks like Bhaang lassi, which are reserved for festivals like Shivratri.  

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How To Savour Indian Drinks